The Transition To Management

Why does one need to transition into management? Do all jobs require transitioning? Maybe or maybe not. When one graduates from a program that has prepared a person for the job, there may be a period of transitioning or adjusting. I remember when I first […]


Do you ever DOUBT yourself?  Do you ever doubt what you are doing?  Do you have doubts about the choices that you make or have made?  I know I do.   When I first graduated I worked in a unit that I had been working in […]

Why Are Nurses Leaving?

This is a question that hospital managers need to figure out. If they can figure out the answer to why are nurses leaving, they could probably come up with possible solutions to this problem. Who Is Leaving? One of the first things that management probably […]

Desire Is To Help Nurses

This has been my goal for this website from the beginning. My desire is to help nurses. I am a registered nurse and I know, as does most anyone working in healthcare, that there are a lot of issues in this field. Hopefully, there is […]

How Does One Build Trust?

How does one build trust?  In today’s world this is a good question.  People tend to be skeptical in the world we live in today  for good reason.  We all need to be cautious, but it makes it more difficult to build trust.  Can we […]