Styles Of Verbal Communication

Yesterday I realized that people have different styles of verbal communication. Because of this, sometimes misunderstandings occur. The other person may be offended or take things that were said differently than intended.

How Does This Effect One’s Interpretation Of What’s Said

This became crystal clear to me yesterday after years of angry and hurt feels between me and a close family member. It seems like she gets extremely angry with me every time we are exploring things that are happening in our lives. It suddenly hit me that I often express things as I would when I am counseling a patient. This approach has apparently been well ingrained into my brain. I frequently respond by asking a question about the issue or asking how the other person sees it or feels about it. This would be my approach with patients. I do not tell people what to do or answer them directly. Instead, I ask questions to get them to think about the situation and come to their own conclusion and then figure out what they need to do about it.

My family member is the opposite. She is very direct and tells people what to think and what to do about it. I don’t like to be told what to do and especially have no options. It’s according to her opinion of the situation and there are no other ways to think about it or ways to deal with it. This always angers me as does my approach with her when I communicate as I do. This is what happened yesterday. She thought that I had said that the situation was an absolute, when I was asking her what might be going on in this particular issue. I never made a statement that said her son did not want to do such-and-such and that was why he was behaving as he was. Instead, I was asking if it might be such-and-such that he was doing to get her to thinking about what might be happening with him and why he was behaving as he was. I was trying to get her to think it through and to figure it out and then work on finding a way to help him change things if he or she wanted that.

Can you see how this affects both of us and what the results of our different styles do to each of us? She was furious with me and I ended up being very hurt by her response. If she had only realized that this is my approach to most people which is probably due to my training as a psychotherapist. She responds as she does probably for the same reason. She is in healthcare, too, but she works in a situation where she needs to tell patients what to do and how to do it. She needs to be direct in her profession. Neither of us is wrong. We just need to understand what is happening in our communication style and relationship.

How Does This Translate To Interactions In Nursing?

I would guess that this is pretty obvious. Every one has a style of communication, so of course there can always be problems between other nurses and with managers in nursing. In most cases, one communicates according to the style that he is used to. It has nothing to do with whether you are talking with a coworker or to a supervisor. It really is not a control or hierarchical situation. It is as we just discussed. The issue is that there is a difference in the way that we communicate. There could be issues that arise between a nurse and a manager. However, it needs to be sorted out as it simply might be the way that each one communicates verbally. It is definitely something that people should consider in trying to understand what is happening. There is no reason to think it is something else when it isn’t.

Effects Of Communication Styles In Business

In order to have a successful business, one must have good relationships with their buyers. For this to happen communication between the customer and the owner must be positive. Each party has to be able to understand each other. Sometimes this does not happen with a customer. It might be worth it for the owner to figure out the reason that it did not go well.

Sometimes one of the people involved is having a bad day. We do have to allow for this. It should not come across by the owner, but it can; or the customer is having an off day. In this case the owner just has to learn to deal with it. Sometimes the customer really does not like the item that is on sale. Perhaps discussing this between the two can help the seller to understand what the customer really wants and change something so that he does like it. If that is not possible, then at least the owner might be able to incorporate this into his next item.

Maybe it all relates to what we have been talking about, which is the way that people communicate. If we are aware of this we can probably find ways of dealing with issues without offending the customer. I have a perfect example of this from last week. I was browsing and saw an ad for an online business that I have bought from. I put a couple of things in the cart and then thought to myself that maybe I should wait and not spend the money right now. The next day I get a message that made me feel very guilty about not buying. I felt coerced by them and then not only did I not order, but I also, unsubscribed. Had they asked me if there was a problem or was there a question that I had about the items, I probably would not have done this. I responded as I usually do, which is to think about it and/or ask questions first. However, I do not like being told what to do and responded accordingly.

For those of us that are already in business, it is probably a good idea to consider these differences in communication. There is a lot involved in communication. In college, I remember a course called Nonverbal Communication, and I remember wondering what there was on this subject that would take up a whole course. Well, I found out that there are tons of things that most of us probably would never think about when we are talking with another person. There is a lot that affects, in a nonverbal form, what we are saying. In addition to this, as I have been saying, the style that one uses is another factor in verbal communication.

Wealthy Affiliate, which is a company that teaches how to start an online business and how to market it, discusses some of the things that go into knowing your customer and relating to him. As I just pointed out from a personal experience, the way that we communicate with others might make a difference in whether we make a sale or not. Trusting the person that you are buying from is important. Why would one buy from someone that they don’t feel comfortable with and that they don’t trust? It is the seller’s job to relate in a way that makes one trust the person and buy from him. Wealthy Affiliate teaches and encourages this.

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It is important to understand how we come across to each other when talking with someone. Many misunderstandings might be avoided if we understand that each one of has his own style of communicating verbally. It definitely helped me when I stopped and thought about this and hopefully will help me to change the way that I talk with some people in certain situations.

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