Anyone in the health care business knows what it is like and how stressful it is from day one.  As time goes on it gets even more difficult and complex.   My other website talks about the stresses that nurses deal with every day of their lives.  Most of us find ways to deal with things because the rewards that we get from seeing patients get better and are so great that we endure all of the negative and stressful issues.

However, probably every nurse in the field has thought of leaving nursing at one time or another in their career.  The money and opportunities are inviting and that combined with the satisfaction one gets from caring for people keeps the nurse in the traditional role of caretaker.  However, there are times when even this causes the nurse to want to give it all up and pursue something else.

The retired nurse frequently is not ready to do so and wants to still be involved in some way.  Most nurses work above and beyond and often work double shifts and overtime.  Nurses have a hard time saying no and when they are needed will usually succumb.  It is very difficult to suddenly have nothing to do.  What does she now do?

Well, there are alternatives.  It may not be what they are used to, but the internet does offer possibilities.  Sometimes it takes awhile to find the right spot, but it is possible.  The following website is one that offers these alternatives for nurses.

I had tried other sites and spent a lot of money to find that they did not work.  Then one day I had heard of getting paid for ”clicks”, so I started researching this.  I came upon this site that said that if that is what you want to do, this is the best site to go with.  I then researched this site and decided to try it.  The name of it is Wealthy Affiliates.

The site would teach you how to make your own website and provide ongoing support to get it up and running.  In addition to that you could do it for nothing.  There was also a premium plan you could get it at a discounted price for the first month and then it would be  only $49 a month after that.  I couldn’t believe it.  I know how much it cost for a couple of other programs I worked with and never sold a thing once it was up and running.  In fact I still have one which I have had for a couple of years and have never made a cent.

In addition to this, support comes from the top as well as from others that belong to the site who are working at various stages of developing and promoting their website.  Kyle and Carson are the owners and you can consult with them whenever you need to.  Sometimes you hear from them out the blue with encouraging words and support.  In addition to this you get to interact with other members and it is as if you know them.  It is a community and a very caring one.  If someone is going through something in their life others are always there with support and words of encouragment.  It’s like another family.

You are taught, step by step, how to build your website and how to market it.  Everything you need is right there and most of it is included in the $49 you pay each month.  The images you need are available at no cost.  Hosting is included.  You do have to pay for your domain if you choose to go that way but even that is very reasonable.  It is easy to follow and if you have questions and need help, someone is always there to assist you.  When you are frustrated or discouraged others are there to help you through this.

Nurses certainly can become a part of this and can develop a website with the teaching of these experts that started the whole thing on their own.  You can decide on whatever niche you want.  It doesn’t need to be nurse related.  It can be anything you want.

There are alternative options for nurses and health care providers.

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