How does one develop his options?  Wealthy Affiliates helps you to do this.  No they can’t decide what you want to do but they can help you once you make the decision that you want to start your own on-line business.  They will be there to help you every step of the way once you have decided that this is a viable option for you.

Before you get to this point you are going to need to explore what other options you have and desire.  You could go back to college and start a career in a whole new field.  I did that years ago.  I went to college and got my degree in psychology which I love and wish I had done from the beginning, but I didn’t.  In the meantime I recognized that I could make a lot more money in nursing than with a Masters degree in psychology.  I really needed my Doctorate but at that point I couldn’t afford to do that so I stayed in nusrsing.  I did work in psych but that is very different than what I would have been doing with a doctorate in psychology.  Anyway, what I am saying is that you could return to college and go into a totally new field.  You could go into retail or some other field where you do not have to go back to college, but probably make a lot less pay.  There are many, many options that you have to consider first of all.

Now, lets say you have decided you want to start your own on-line business.  Maybe you already know how to do this, but chances are you are going to need help at some point.  The next step is to find a company that is honest and reliable to help you do this.  There are so many companies out there that charge a fortune and some that will make the website for you but you will pay and then they are done with you.  You must then figure out how to market and how to succeed on your own.  You can pay for help in doing so, but it will cost you and still not get you there.  I started with a couple of companies and with one company I never even got as far as a website.  I paid huge money to find drop shipping companies when I now know that there are places where I did not have to pay at all.  The other company I was paid set up my website and social media sites but then I had to figure out what to do with them and to this day I have not made a cent from the site and I still am not sure what I need to do to acheive success.

I now am with a company that charges only a fraction of what I paid these other companies and gives a whole lot more in all areas of an on-line business.  They teach you step by step what you need to do and they give you the support you need to do this.


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