Styles Of Verbal Communication

Yesterday I realized that people have different styles of verbal communication. Because of this, sometimes misunderstandings occur. The other person may be offended or take things that were said differently than intended. How Does This Effect One’s Interpretation Of What’s Said This became crystal clear […]

Employee Intimidation By Managers

Employee intimidation by managers should never happen, but we probably all know that it does. It can be very devastating if it does happen. Just this morning on TV, they were talking about praise or punishment and discussing which one encourages self-esteem and success for […]

The Importance Of Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is important to your staff. It encourages them to move on and to do the best that they are capable of doing. Why don’t more managers recognize the importance of positive reinforcement?   How Does One Feel When He Receives Positive Reinforcement? When […]

High Expectations Are Needed

Why are high expectations needed and what are the benefits of having high expectations? Let’s explore this a little and see if you agree. The Benefits Of Having High Expectations Actually, today, this is a controversial subject by parents. Many parents feel that children are […]

Listen To Suggestions And Criticism

First of all, you need to know the difference between suggestions and criticism. Hopefully most of what is said is in the form of suggestions instead of criticism, but that is not always the case and/or some of it comes across as criticism instead. In […]

Nurses Need To Be More Vocal

This kind of follows the last blog that I wrote. Nurses need to be more vocal and express their ideas to the appropriate people. Just complaining about things is not useful. Nurses need to express how they feel about things, but then come up with […]

Everyone Has A Passion

I am sure that everyone has a passion that he would love to explore in his spare time. The problem is that when we are working full time or more, there is no time to do this. Social distancing is vital right now, which makes […]