Conformity Is The Killer Of Creativity

Is conformity a bad thing? When is conformity needed? Is there any place for creativity within conformity? Is conformity the killer of creativity?

The Result Of Having To Do Everything The Same

What is it like to have to do everything the same all of the time? Does it get boring? How does anything ever change if there is no room for change or creativity? Some people like conformity. It gives them a sense of security. The person does not have to think once he has memorized the way something is always done. He does not have to make any decisions on his own.

There are people, however, that do not like this. It is boring and the task becomes tedious. Some people are more creative and question why something is always as it is and what would happen if this or that changed. Sometimes people take it upon themselves and try alternatives and get into trouble because they did not follow protocol. These people may get frustrated at being unable to think for themselves and try things out.

Now let me add here, that I realize that sometimes it is absolutely necessary that conformity is followed. Healthcare is a perfect example. There are many, many things that have to be learned and done exactly the same every time it is done. However, there are situations where some change or creativity would make no difference. However, since the protocol is to do it in a certain way it must be done that way.

The example that I am going to use here is a stupid one, but I am going to use it anyway. I was a guest speaker to a group of nurse’s aides and I am not sure that their supervisor really liked it, but, “oh well”. I was talking about the fact that in nursing we are taught how to do things and we are taught to do in an exact way and everyone is to do it this way. I said, “what if the patient wants his feet washed before he has his face washed. We are taught to wash his face first and then go down to his feet. Should I refuse to do it the way the patient wants? What if it really upsets the patient? He wants it done his way.”

Why must I conform to the way I was taught? What is wrong with being creative and doing it as the patient wants it done? Nursing is all about conformity? Why? As long as the way I do it does not cause any harm to the patient what is wrong with doing it differently?

How Does Creativity Come About

So the next question that I am going to ask, is how does anything ever change. My answer is that it doesn’t or it takes a very long time to get anything changed if we must always do things the same. Think about this. If someone does not think about what he is doing and wonder what would happen if he changed something, What would happen? Obviously it would remain the same and nothing would change.

In the world of medicine, there are many, many examples. If someone does not think about a change in the treatment of cancer, for example, treatment and the progress we have made there would still be archaic and the death rate would be much higher. Of course, this is true for many diseases in medicine.

We would still be riding horses and we would no have computers and all of the other technology that we use today, if someone did not explore possibilities. Change comes about because someone questions what he is doing and decides to try something different and see what happens. What if no one did this?


Nursing And Conformity

Nursing is so much into conformity and in some situations I know that the procedure must be followed for very good reason. The patient and/or the staff could suffer serious injury if it was not followed. One is example if how healthcare people get into their garb for this virus that is currently a pandemic. It must be followed explicitly to prevent the spread of this horrible illness and possible death to the staff and to other people. The same applies when doctors and nurses prepare for surgery. Again procedure must be followed to prevent infection and injury to the patient and others.

However, there are many cases where this would not be the case and yet staff can be disciplined if they do something their own way which might result in a better and improved way of doing something. Nurses are very much into conformity. However, is this killing creativity in nursing?

Sometimes it almost seems like it is a control issue. The procedure says it much be done this way and at this time. Does it or is it just that the book says it must be done this way? If this is the case does it not prevent someone from thinking and prevent creativity? Creativity is stifled.

Let me tell you a funny story that involved me. It was not about a procedure, but it was the same principle. In the summer time, our dress code changed due to the heat and conditions we worked in. On such-and-such a date we could start wearing sandels and cooler clothing. Well, the day before the date I wore sandels. I knew I would be spoken to as I had passed the human resource person in the corridor and I knew she was looking at my feel. Sure enough my supervisor addressed it with me the next day. It wasn’t a safety issue or anything; it was simply that I had made the decision to do it the day prior to the rule change. It was a control issue.

So, maybe the issue is not conformity. Maybe it is control. Perhaps the real issue is that management does not want to relinquish their control that they have. Maybe they are afraid that if they allow staff to think they will take over and have the control. Actually, I have thought of that before. If the staff has control, then management is in trouble and management certainly does not want that to happen. Maybe control is the killer of creativity instead of conformity.

Starting An Online Business

In order to start an online business, some creativity has to go into it. You can’t rely on others to figure out what it is that you want to do. You have to kind of veer from relying on management to give you the ideas; you have to start thinking on your own and come with your own ideas for your business. This is what I was talking about above when staff start thinking about variations in procedures and creating new ways of doing something. As we all know this is known as creativity and how new inventions come about.

So, the first step in starting a new online business is to be creative and come up with your own niche. Once you have done this, then you need to start your website and then learn how to market it. I am sure that there are many people that are computer savvy enough to do this. However, if you are like me, I had no clue. I finally found a company, called Wealthy Affiliate, that teaches all of this step by step and helps you to get your company working and you making money. There is always someone available to help you and provide the support you will need during this process.

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Whether conformity kills creativity or whether it is a control issue, or maybe both, I am not sure. I tend to lean toward it being a control issue. It is obvious that creativity is needed if progress or change is to occur, so let’s move on with changing the things that can be changed and leaving the things that and conforming to them if it is necessary for the safety of others.

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