Everything Is An Opportunity

Everthing is an opportunity. I am sure that most of us have heard this, but do we actually see it like that? I think that some people see it that way, but there are others that don’t. Perhaps they are afraid to look at it like this. However, maybe we should see everything as an opportunity. You never know when it just might be the right thing and open up all kinds of possibilities.


What If?

What is the worst that could happen if you saw it as an opportunity and tried it? You might fail? Have you ever heard that we learn from our failures–that it is a way of learning? In just about all opportunities we are not going to die if we try it and fail. An example of trying it for the first time and dying would be when the space shuttle blew up and the first teacher to go into space died. However, this is extreme. Most of the time we are just going to be disappointed in ourselves, embarrassed and fearful. We use our failures as an excuse for not seeing the next opportunity as something to try.

Looking At It As An Opportunity

Let’s say that you already have a job where you make fairly good money and have good benefits and all in all you are happy with what you are doing. However, someone that you know offers you another job that pays a little better, has better benefits and is something that you have wanted to do. Your spouse is hesitant about you changing jobs for several reasons. You, however, see it as an opportunity. Of course, there are always risks when you change a job, but what if it works out for the better


What if it is not what you expected? What if it is more than you can do? What if the boss does not give you all that he said you would? There are always a lot of questions when you first start any new job. Is that a reason not to try it? What if it far surpasses your expectations? Would you question it then? Probably not. Fear keeps a lot of people from looking at it as an opportunity and trying it. Fear keeps people from doing a lot of things, but if you let fear keep you from taking a chance, you will be stuck in the same job forever. Even if you are not really happy where you are or if you just want a change, if you don’t take a chance, you will never know what could have been.

Sometimes it does not work out for either you or the employer and one of you decides it is time to part way. Then what? Will you give up and just take anything or will you try another opportunity that may have come your way? If you look at it as a failure you will probably give up or at least find it very difficult to try something else. However, you could look at it and figure out what happened in the last opportunity. Maybe it was your employer and there really isn’t anything that you can do about what happened. Maybe he is just not the reliable employer that you thought he was. In this case you can not change him. You just have to move on. If it was something that you did or if you just did not have the skills or education to do it, then you can explore this and either make the changes that you need to make to do it or admit that you were not qualified for it and move on. Giving up and not looking at other opportunities should not be your choice. You just need to learn from your mistakes and try again.

Starting An Online Business Is An Opportunity

It certainly is, but not everyone sees it that way. Even if you see it that way, your family may not think that it is. I know that my family told me it was a scam and it would never work. I guess if everyone thought that, there would be no online businesses. However, there are a lot of people that do see it as an opportunity.

If you see it this way, then it is time to take a chance and try it out. When you see something as an opportunity it is time to give it a chance. If you don’t you may regret it later. Sometimes people don’t know how to get started, so now what do you do? The answer is to research it and find someone that can help you. One does not need to know how to do everything, but he does need to know how to find an answer. This is what makes a good manager. No one can be expected to know everything, but he does need to know how to find the answer.

I had no clue how to start an online business, but I did some research and found this company that taught me how to do it. The name of this company is Wealthy Affiliate. They taught me how to choose a niche and then how to make a website for whatever I chose. They went step by step to do this and then once this was accomplished, how to market it. They keep you updated and provide a lot of reviews to help you do this.

They have a wonderful support system and are available to answer any questions that you might have 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Even if you are just frustrated or going through a tough time, they are there for you. Most of us go through the some of the same things during the process. It is just nice to know that you are not alone. Members are there for you if you are going through personal difficulties as well.

All of this is available for a monthly fee of $49 and can be tried for 7 days for free which gives you a chance to see if you can do this or if you want to. You get much of what is offered to the premium member for those 7 days. A premium member can even host at Wealthy Affiliate which is a great savings. I have another site elsewhere and just that alone costs me $39 a month just for hosting. In addition to this Wealthy Affiliate gives you much, much more for the monthly fee mentioned above.

If you are ready to seize the OPPORTUNITY, click here and start your own business.


Opportunities abound. You need to look at them and try them out. I have heard so many people voice regrets about not grasping onto that opportunity and giving it a chance. Some go on to say “If only I had tried it out, I might have been where she or he is today”. How sad. Don’t be that person. Don’t be afraid. Try it!

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