How Do You Feel When You Tell Yourself That “I Can Do Anything”?

How do you feel when you tell yourself that “I can do anything”? Do you believe it? Do you get moving and get things done? What does that mean? Is it motivating to say that?

How Does This Make One Feel When He Says He Can Do Anything?

I don’t think that there is anyone that can do anything. Why would anyone say this? Maybe it makes a person feel superior to other people or makes him feel better about himself. Does it make him feel motivated and helps him to get things done. This might be a positive thing if it gets him moving. It might make him try something to see if he can do it. If he tries something and finds out that he can do it, does it empower the person?

I don’t really believe that a person thinks that he can do all things, but if it gets a person to try something or gets a person to do something then telling one’s self this might be alright. If he is just bragging and making others feel bad about themselves, it is not all right.

Does One’s Feelings Change When Behavior Changes?

I had a psychology professor that believed this. He believed that if a depressed patient who was just sitting around doing nothing, got up and did something he would feel less depressed. He said that if a depressed person gets up and takes a walk or does something to pick up around the house, he will feel less depressed. A change in one’s feelings will follow one’s actions.

I did not really agree with him at the time, but over the years, I have come to see his point of view. If I am having a bad day and not feeling like doing anything, and then if I get up and do the laundry for example, I begin to feel a little less depressed and have the energy to do something else.

Many people have so little self-esteem that they think that they can do nothing or at least do anything successfully or right. These people won’t even try. They especially won’t try anything new that they don’t feel comfortable with. Obviously they you will never hear them say that they can do anything. Instead they would never accept a challenge as they know that they can not do it.

However, if a person says that they can do anything, and believe this, he will at least try it. It gives him the freedom and motivates him to at least try. He has made a point of telling others that he can do anything. He believes this, too, so he moves on it. When he is successful with this, he will now feel comfortable repeating it when the next challenge comes along. No problem. Now he can do whatever he tries.

Starting One’s Business

This seems to be the perfect attitude to have if one wants to start a business. If one thinks that he can be successful or do anything, then certainly he can . This will definitely help one start a business, as not only are there many unknowns and challenges when doing this, there are a lot of people in the person’s life that will discourage him and tell him that he will fail. He is going to have the optimism and strength to do this if he believes he can do anything.

I remember when I started a business this was true. Basically, I had no support from my family and still don’t. Actually, this has been true much of my life when I decided to get the degrees I have and when I have worked in the jobs that I have had in nursing and behavioral health. I had to do it myself and I did. I can do anything has been my motto since I started my work life. I would try almost anything.

I remember when I was in high school, the town I lived in had a Miss Town pageant which was a precursor to the Miss State and then the Miss America pageant. I really had no talent and I certainly was not one of the prettiest girls in it, but I decided I could do it and entered it. I guess it was that attitude that I could do anything that made me do it. I did not win, but I tried. I recently was talking with my sister about it and said, I just don’t understand why I did it, but I did.

Let me get back to starting one’s business. Not everyone that you will encounter along the way believes that starting your own business will work. There are companies that encourage you to do this because they want to make money by helping you. However, it is basically to sell their program, but they are not helpful at all, or they just end their association with you after they get you started and that is it. However, I finally found a company that hangs in there with you and continues to help and support your endeavors along the way. The name of the company is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate not only teaches you step by step how to start a business and market it, they also, believe in you. They are the support that says you can do anything. Your family may not tell you that you can, but members of this company will and they will help you in any way possible to find ways to make your endeavors successful. This gives you the incentive to try and move ahead. All of us that have done this has needed this encouragement at times. It is so great to have someone to give you the support you need at these times.

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In conclusion, I don’t think that anyone can do all things  but if someone really believes this and it motivates the person to try to do all things, then I think it is a positive thing. It can be a great motivator.

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