The Importance Of Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is important to your staff. It encourages them to move on and to do the best that they are capable of doing. Why don’t more managers recognize the importance of positive reinforcement?


How Does One Feel When He Receives Positive Reinforcement?

When a supervisor tells you that you are doing a good job, how do you feel? It is especially valuable when it comes from a supervisor. Others that you work with may tell you this, but when the supervisor tells you, it means even more. The person feels valued and noticed. One may feel like he is important and has a future with this company or at least in this field. It is a positive feeling. We should be telling our selves this anyway, but somehow it has more meaning when it comes from an authority figure.

Hopefully we all got positive reinforcement from our parents and teachers and other authority figures in our life. It makes the child feel cared about and important. He begins to recognize that he can do things in his life and that these people see that, too. It should not be given when it is not deserved as it gives the child another message. It tells him that he doesn’t need to try because these people think he does great even when he doesn’t. He begins to get a false image of his abilities and then when someone tells him he did poorly and needs to work harder to improve, he gets angry or depressed as he now may think that he is no good. However, when he does do something well, praise him. All of this has a message for managers, as well, to follow. Give positive reinforcement!

What Happens When This Does Not Happen?

I think I have already alluded to this, but I will repeat it. When people are either constantly being put down and told that they are doing things wrong, it definitely has an effect on them. Yes, they may know that this is not true and that they are doing OK, but if they are never told this by their superiors, then they begin to wonder and eventually think that they aren’t doing well. This may not be true at all, Maybe the manager is just not that kind of person who gives positive reinforcement. This is, of course, unfortunate.

If his supervisors never acknowledge his talents or abilities, he begins to develop low self-esteem and feels like he can do nothing well. He is motivated to do less and less and doesn’t even try anymore. This of course becomes a vicious circle and before you know it, he is done.

Reasons For Positive Reinforcement Not Being Given

Sometimes people do not think that positive reinforcement is important. The staff person is doing what is expected of him, so why is it necessary to tell him that he is doing a good job? Maybe the supervisor never got positive reinforcement from anyone, so why give it to others. She survived, so it is no big deal. Some feel that kids today are spoiled and that they are always being told how great they are. When they were kids, they were not told how great they were all of the time. Today we make children feel like they are perfect and can do no wrong. By doing this we are spoiling our children. These may be reasons for not telling others that they are doing well in their job. Perhaps we should ask these people that think it is not needed, whether they would have liked to be told this once in a while. They give praise only if the person goes above and beyond the expectations.

I don’t agree. I think that a little praise goes a long way. I know that I feel like giving and doing a whole lot more if I am told that I did something well. I think that everyone needs this. Even the supervisor and others in management need to be given positive reinforcement.

Online Business Owners Need This As Well

Hopefully your customers transmit this to you, when they receive your product, but it doesn’t always happen. I know that I am always saying that in my profession as a nurse, most of the positive response I got was from my patients. Rarely did management tell you how well you were doing. However, your patients did and were always telling you that they love you and couldn’t do without you. It’s too bad that your supervisor didn’t let you know as well.

I learned how to start and promote my online businesses from a company called Wealthy Affiliate. The owners and members of this company are always giving positive reinforcement to other people that are starting and have an online business. It is always so great to hear someone say that. Some times you really don’t know how well you are doing and it is good as well as helpful to be told that. You really feel like going on. It may motivate you to sit down and write that next blog or work on promoting your business. Most of us work alone and don’t have that human contact with other employees or coworkers. Seek each other out and give others the motivation to go on.

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It doesn’t hurt to give positive reinforcement, but it might make the world of difference to the one receiving it. Productivity might increase as the employee’s self-esteem soars. It certainly is worth trying and if others see you giving it to people maybe they would try it, too. It certainly is worth a try.

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