High Expectations Are Needed

Why are high expectations needed and what are the benefits of having high expectations? Let’s explore this a little and see if you agree.

The Benefits Of Having High Expectations

Actually, today, this is a controversial subject by parents. Many parents feel that children are spoiled rotten in today’s world as they have every thing that they want as soon as they want it. The trend for a while has been to tell your children that they can have anything that they want if you work for it. They go on to tell their children that they are brilliant and that they can achieve greatness because of this. I guess this is why many parents disagree with telling their children that they can do whatever they want to do.

I am one of those people that believes that children need to be told that they have the ability to achieve and do whatever they want to. If I tell them this I must let them know that I expect this from them. I remember being told the opposite by many people that I would never make anything of my life. I had teachers tell me that I would never go onto school and be anything. Imagine a teacher telling a student that. I had family friends say pretty much the same thing. Even my mother said that non verbally. I grew up feeling that I would never achieve anything. I had to tell myself that I would and fight every step of the way to do so. This is the tough way to go. I, for much of my life had low self-esteem because I believed that I was what others expected me to be–nothing.

So, you tell me, what the benefits are to expect or not expect that your child can or cannot make something of their life. I happen to believe that children and adults will do or be whatever you expect them to. If you tell an employee , for example, that he can accomplish whatever you see him accomplishing, he will do just that. However, if you really believe that he won’t then he won’t. It doesn’t matter how difficult the task is, he will accomplish it if he believes that you believe he will. He internalizes what you believe about him and then believes in himself and does whatever it takes to do it.

I had a student , that was depressed and even suicidal. She had been told by everyone that she would never get through school and become a nurse. Even most of the faculty believed this. Obviously, I did not. I told her that I knew she could do it, but she would need to work very hard, even against all odds, but I knew that she could do it. I gave a lot of time and worked to help her believe in herself and fought with a lot of faculty, but guess what–she graduated and is an RN. People need to be told that they can be whatever they want to be and do what ever they want to be. If they are told the opposite, they will internalize this and usually will be a failure.

Let’s go back to what I said at the beginning about parents thinking that if you tell a child how great he is and that he can accomplish whatever he wants to. I don’t believe that I said anything about just giving him everything that he wants. I said that he can be and have whatever he wants “IF” someone “believes” in him which gives him the same expectation of himself.  One has to work for it and in order to do this, he needs to have the faith that he can do it with hard work. I did not say give it to him or just sit there and it will be handed to him. We all have to work for what we want. If we believe in ourselves and do this, we will succeed.

Managers In Healthcare Need To Have High Expectations Of Staff

It is important in healthcare to have high expectations of your staff. You need to expect that each one on your staff can and will provide the best care that they can. If you hire someone that you are concerned about, then it is on you. However, again I would wager that if you have high expectations of someone, he will come through for you. Most people will not let you down as he knows that you expect him to do what he is capable of and he will not let you down as he would be letting himself down as well. Give your staff that support he needs to do this.

Having High Expectations Is True For All Facets Of Life

As I sit here thinking about it, I think that this is what makes Wealthy Affiliate so successful in their endeavors.  Wealthy Affiliate is a company that teaches those that want to start and be successful at an online business the tools and support to do so.  The two founders and owners of this company, Kyle and Carson, are very positive individuals and they promote positivity. They believe in everyone that joins their company and they have high expectations of the people that start a business. They tell all of us that we can do it and let us know that they expect us to succeed. They never said it would be easy or instantaneous. One has to believe in themselves and work at it, but it can be done and they tell us that. If they have high expectations of us, then we incorporate that into our belief of ourselves and work at it until we have accomplished it. I honestly think that this is what makes people successful.

This company provides the education and tools we need to do this, but we must believe in what they believe in, which is that each member can acheive success, if we  work at it.  We get step by step lessons on how to start a website for your company, and then education as to how to market it. There is a terrific support system and just about anything you need, including hosting, to acheive success.

However, the most important part is the support that is always available to you and the fact that Kyle and Carson and just about all of the members believe you can do and expect that you will start and maintain a successful business.

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Just think about how different things might be if we did have more faith in others and have high expectations of others. We might be farther ahead in a lot fields of work if people did this and if what I believe is true. I do believe that people behave as we expect them to. Even children behave as you expect them to. If you expect them to act out in a situation, they will and if you expect that they will be little angels they will. Try it.


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