InTimes Of Crisis Everyone Must Work Together

This probably is more appropriate for my other website, but I am not working on that one right now as I need to work on some material related to this before I can promote it. However, I heard about something that happened in a facility yesterday and it was appalling to me. In times of crisis, everyone must work together, but apparently this did not occur here yesterday.

When a therapist answered a call to see a patient, he asked for a mask as he was going to be in close contact with the patient and did not feel safe in the situation without a mask. He was told no as she felt it was not needed. If someone does not feel comfortable without the mask, it should not have been an issue. He should have been given the mask. We all need to be comfortable in the situation. He was not asking for a case of masks. He wanted one to wear while caring for this patient.

The Effects Of Crisis On Healthcare Workers And How They Function

We all react to crises in various ways. Probably the most prevalent feeling is fear in these situations. Although healthcare workers are given some training in crisis situations, it does not mean that when one is faced with an actual situation, he will react as he was taught to. No one knows how he will react when faced with danger. Flight or Fight?

Sometimes it helps people to have to work and focus on something. In healthcare, of course, the person is not only concerned about his own family and about himself, but he has to be concerned with his patients and with those that work for and with him. This can place even more stress on the person. For some this may be helpful and keep him functioning. For others, it may be too much and not able to function effectively.

Sometimes people become angry which again may enable him to function and, get things done. For others, it may cause the person to act out causing problems that no one needs in a crisis. It can result in conflicts between staff as sited in the example in the introductory statement. Obviously sometimes people don’t think very clearly when in a very stressful situation which results in poor decisions among workers. Tempers can flare and sometimes management needs to get involved to deal with the situation.

Dealing With The Stress During A Crisis

The most important thing is to keep everyone as safe as is possible. In the situation mentioned, the important thing is to make sure that the staff member seeing the patient felt as safe as she could. Maybe the nurse felt that the diagnosis did not warrant a mask, but the fact was that the other staff member did not feel safe without the mask. It was a mask, and I know there is a shortage and a fear of not having the equipment that is needed is high, but it still should not have been an issue. Ultimately the patient is the one that could have suffered (which did not happen in this case).

Staff needs to remember that patients are feeling the stress, too, and probably more so than the staff is. I know that this does not make alleviate the stress that the staff is feeling, but patients are why we are there and staff must be able to deal with their own stress enough to reassure the patient that they are caring for. It is not easy, but essential, at least during the time we are caring for the patient.

If the staff does not feel safe, or at least reasonably safe, he will not be able to care for the patient. It is management’s job to try to make sure that the staff member is as safe as possible and that he feels safe in what he is doing. If all that took was to give him a mask, then do so. “Hoarding” is not acceptable. I know that this is a reaction of a lot of people to ensure that the people that one cares about is safe, but as long as something is available, it needs to be shared with all that are caring for the patients.

How To Make This Work

The larger picture is the stress. This is what needs to be dealt with. Most people do not under normal circumstances behave like this. The stress is what needs to be addressed with and probably the one thing that is the most difficult. How can others help coworkers deal with their stress when they are as stressed. Even the managers who usually are responsible for helping their staff cope, are as stressed as the staff member. It is pretty difficult to do.

Even calming a patient or a family member may be next to impossible for the manager or caretaker to do. I have worked in psych all of my life and I can tell you that at times I can barely deal. We have a teenager in the house and I know we are all trying to be positive for him. Again I can tell you that at times it is almost impossible.

Sometimes I try to be silly especially with the teenager and try to forget about the severity of the situation. We try to not talk a lot about it, unless a question needs to be addressed. I try to not watch the news a lot. It seems like that is all that is on the major networks and of course we can’t totally bury our head in the sand. We need to be aware of what is going on, but we can’t focus on it 24 hours a day. One of the family members in the family works in management in a hospital and some nights she comes home and says she is overloaded with all of this from updates and meetings that she has had to attend all day long. She, too, needs support to help alleviate some of the stress that she is exposed to from all kinds of sources all day long. Watch a movie or television show that is totally unrelated to this. Play games, do a hobby that you enjoy such as cooking or reading a novel. Get plenty of rest and eat a balanced diet or even indulge your self with a snack that you normally wouldn’t. The point I am making is that you need to do whatever you need to do to help yourself get through this time. You can go back to that diet when this is over.

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Tempers may flare. Just let go of this and worry about it later. It was not meant to be personal. It is probably is how someone is dealing with the stress that they are under. However, still insist on what you need to feel safe. Your safety and that of everyone else comes first. The stress responses can be dealt with later.

Fall Back On Other Ways Of Relieving Stress

Most people have hobbies or other things that help when one is under a lot of stress. One of the things that I can think of may “kill two birds”. I am talking about those of us that may have an online business. Usually the business is related to a passion that may have started from a hobby when we were younger. This is the suggestion when I was starting to learn how to start my own business. It is called a niche and Wealthy Affiliate which is a company that teaches you how to start your own business said to do. It is recommended that you use something that you are passionate about and develop your business around this. It can be business related or a hobby that you have been passionate about for your whole life.

When I say that it can “kill two birds” with one stone, I mean that it will take your mind off the current crisis and it may help financially during this time. It will keep you working if you have been laid off because of social distancing. Certainly it will advance your business and eventually bring you some financial support.

If you do not have an online business, this is a good time to start one. As I just said, it will keep the virus off your mind while you are doing this and help you get started. We all procrastinate or at least I know I do and I do that many of the members of Wealthy Affiliate do this, too. Right now, most of us have a lot of down time, so why not use it to your advantage. You will benefit it several ways by doing this now.

Another thing that is to your advantage, is that you can do this from home as well as communicate safely with others and get support from in a safe way. There is always someone to relate to 24 hours a day. If you have questions just ask and if you just need to talk, you can do that, too. If you just need some support, just ask. Members care about each other and are always available to each other.


As this article says, we all need to work together in times of crisis. What better way to do this? This article started out and was geared toward the need for solidarity and support in the medical field, but it is true for all of us in all fields of work as well as for all of us. We all must work together and support each other.

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