Do you ever DOUBT yourself?  Do you ever doubt what you are doing?  Do you have doubts about the choices that you make or have made?  I know I do.  

When I first graduated I worked in a unit that I had been working in part time as a student.  I had functioned quite well.  The day after graduation it seems like I forget everything I had ever known.  All of a sudden I could do nothing or so it seemed.  I  doubted myself in every thing I did.  I remember my head nurse telling me not to worry about it; that it happens to a lot of new grads and it won’t last. 

I was watching something on television the day that I started this post.  The therapist that was working with a young child, doubted her abilities after having a not so good session with him.  I remember this happening to me with a patient that i was working with, too.  She had  been very angry during our last few sessions and I thought that maybe another therapist would be more effective.  When I expressed this to her, she was appalled.  She said that she didn’t understand as this was the first time that she felt comfortable enough with someone to express this anger.Why would I want to abandon her now?  I had totally misread my doubt in this situtation.  We talked about this and then continued to work together.

This happens all of the time in my field and doubting one’s self is totally misinterpreted.  It always needs to be checked out and verified with the client before acting on it.  As you can see from the example above, I was totally wrong and had I actually done this I would have caused more harm to the client than helping her.  We all have self doubts, but we need to make sure that this is the case  before giving up. 

What Are The Results When You Do This?  How Do You Feel?

As you can see from the above, it can be more devastating to all concerned if we just accept the self doubt and move on it.  We both would have been hurt if I had given into my doubts.  It is a horrible feeling to doubt yourself.  You just want to give up.  You feel like you can do nothing to help the other person.  You feel like you are totally ineffective in what you do.  

It might even cause the other person to doubt himself and her might want to just quit, too.  For example, the person I mentioned probably would go back into her shell and not get anywhere with another therapist.  It would have caused her to regress and not trust anyone else. 

Why Do We Doubt Ourselves?

It probably starts when we are very young. We have no experience that tells us that what we are doing is right.  If a parent questions what we are doing, it may cause us to doubt ourselves.  That may not be the case at all, but it can lay the foundation for self doubt. 

We learn by trial and error and sometimes we make mistakes.  We all learn from our mistakes and it says nothing about us and our abilities.  This is how we learn as children.  We simply need to ask questions and go on from here.  We need to verify our doubts.  

If we accept our doubts as true we are on the road to destruction.  We will see ourselves as not being able to do the things that we have dreamed about.  We will just accept what others say and become a follower and just do what others direct us to do.  However, it does not need to be this way.  If we look at what others are telling us and determine what is true and what can be done to change the situation and abolish the doubts, we can move on and see ourselves in a different light.  We will see ourselves as being successful and capable of changing things.

I know this from experience.  When I was a child, I remember a friend of my mother telling me that I would never succeed.  I, also, had teachers tell me this.  I looked at this for what it was and decided that I would be a success.  I went on to become and RN and to get my BS and MA and worked in education and behavioral health most of life, making a pretty good income.  It is all determined by not acceptng the doubts that you have about yourself and working to change this.

Making Changes And Erasing Those Self Doubts

When you start a new business, you are often faced with these issues of self doubt.  Many people and family members may try to convince you that this will not work and that you will not succeed.  You have to be extremely strong to get through this and make it work.  It can work, though.  You must accept that it is possible and then stop doubting yourself and work hard.  It may not be easy, but it is possible. 

One of the ways that will help you progress with your on line business is work with Wealthy Affiliate and follow the steps in the courses.  It is important to not skip things that are suggested and to follow their directions.  You, also, need to work at it consistently.  Don’t start doubting your abilities.  Just keep working at it even if it seems like nothing is happening.  It takes time and work.

Wealthy Affiliates is a company with a lot of experience in this field and that provides the education and support that you need to make your on line business a success.  It takes you step by step through the process of setting up your website and then of marketing it.  There is always someone available to assist you and answer any questions that you may have.  The support is great and someone is always there to help you over any hurdles that you may have.  Even when or if you start doubting yourself somone is there to help you overcome this. 

If you are ready to get moving ahead with your on line business click here for information about Wealthy Affiliates and move forward.


Self doubt can destroy you if you let it.  Don’t let it.  We all go through it at times, but we can’t get stuck there.  You need to look at your past acheivements and knock that doubt out.  You can make the decision to tell yourself that you have what it takes and move on.

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