Desire Is To Help Nurses

    This has been my goal for this website from the beginning. My desire is to help nurses. I am a registered nurse and I know, as does most anyone working in healthcare, that there are a lot of issues in this field. Hopefully, there is a solution to all of these issues.

    Sorting Out The Purpose Of This Website

    I recently sat down and looked at my site and tried to figure out just what I wanted to accomplish. I almost always start by discussing one of the issues that I consider important and try to offer positive ways of dealing with them. I then go on to discuss and promote Wealthy Affiliate for nurses. So one of my questions was “what are you trying to do and do the two things relate”

    The one thing that I am not trying to do is to get people to leave the profession. I truly love what I was doing. I loved my patients and loved working in psych. I can not, however, deny that there are a lot of issues in healthcare. I do think that many of these things can be altered and work better for all concerned. We need to brainstorm and find solutions instead of just complaining and doing nothing. That is why I start most blogs as I do.

    I do know that there are a lot of nurses that are burnt out and would like to look at other possibilities. The great thing about looking at starting an online business is that you can do this on a part-time basis while still working in your profession which gives one time to change things without leaving the profession you love.

    Exploring Possible Solutions To Issues In Nursing

    I really do want to help nurses find ways to solve some of the problems in nursing or at least find ways to live with them and continue to enjoy what they are doing. This is why I usually start with a discussion regarding this and making suggestions that I have regarding the issues. I have a lot of ideas about changes that need to be made in nursing education and in management which is one of the things I have been focusing on.

    I actually have started another online business, which I have put on hold at the moment as I need to do a couple of other things prior to moving on this. It involves some of what I just said I was focusing on in management and education for nurses that would help nurses find the support that is needed by healthcare providers.

    There is no room to give up on nurses or nursing. I truly believe this and hope that my promoting Wealthy Affiliate does not make nurses think that I am giving up on the profession that I worked in all of my life. I just want to find ways to make it a place where nurses want to be. So many times I have heard that young nurses that have just graduated want to just go on for their Master’s degree and move on up to positions in administration. I have heard that they really do not want to take care of patients at the bedside. That is what nursing was when I was a young nurse. (I do have to add here, that I know I have said that I wish I had just started in psych and that this is my real passion. Not every nurse is cut out for bedside nursing, but working in behavioral health is just as important. I do still have a place in my heart for nursing and nurses. Recently I spent a few weeks in a hospital due to a sickness in my family and I almost wished that I was back working in the intensive care unit.)

    So, what I am trying to do here is to find ways to restore that passion for the nurses of today. I believe that it can happen and I, also, believe that combining this and alternative options such as an online business are compatible. I, in no way, am suggesting that nurses get out of nursing.

    Exploring Alternative Options

    It is alright for nurses to have other interests and do more than one thing. Nursing, itself, has become very diversified. Nursing has become as specialized as medicine has. Not all nurses work in bedside nursing in med-surg. There are as many specialties in nursing as there are diseases. As, you probably knows, I went into psychiatric nursing which I worked in all of my life.

    In addition to this most of us have passions and interests outside of nursing. Why not go a step further and start a business using one of these passions as your niche. The great thing about this is that it is possible to do this while you are working in your current profession. It can be done in any spare time that you have and instead of working that overtime that most all nurses are known to do.

    I had a coworker that did this. At the time we all thought he was crazy, but today I wish I had done it while I was still working. Now he is retired and has something to supplement his retirement funds. Why not consider at least looking into it. It isn’t for everyone, but it might be worth considering it.

    It is, also, something that retired nurses or nurses that have decided to leave the profession might look into. It is difficult to retire and suddenly have little to do. Starting your own business gives you something to do and adds some structure to your day. Sometimes it is just enough and again can be done on a part-time basis.


    I hope that I have made my goal a little clearer and explained satisfactorily how I have tried to connect the two in my posts. Again, I am not trying to convince anyone to leave nursing. I am trying to suggest some solutions in the field of nursing and suggest alternatives and supplements to their chosen career.

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