Healthcare Workers Need To Be Aware Of Their Future

Nursing is not as secure a position it once was. Healthcare workers and Nurses need to be aware of this. Healthcare workers need to be aware of their future and think about future possibilities.

Reasons That Make This Necessary

When I first thought about becoming a nurse, people would say that at least I will always have a job.  It was just about guaranteed.  However, over the years this has become not as definite as it used to be.  As, I have said in other articles, healthcare facilities have become a big business today.

  If you are not productive, you will be let go like any business does.  Of course, we hope that all nurses are productive and giving the best care possible.  Unfortunately, today, facilities are not as tolerant as they used to be.  Management used to assess the issues and try to help one to improve and meet the expectations of the place.  Not as much today.  Once an issues becomes apparent, the person is counseled and probably written up.  The person is told what needs to change and probably what needs to be done to accomplish this with a time frame to do this.  The major change is that little help or support is given and the minute the person does something else or if he does not meet the given time frame, the next step is taken with further action.  Finally the person is fired.  This rarely used to happen.  There was a lot of support and help for the person to become a successful staff member.

Today it is all about money and if there is any chance that one will cost them money or if the facility does not make money because of this employee he is seen as a liability that can not be kept. This means that staff have to be more aware and have to think about what the future may hold for them.  Their future is much more tenuous.   

Healthcare Workers And Nurses Need To Plan Ahead 

All of this means that nurses need to look ahead and seriously look at possible options for their future.  A couple of years ago I wrote a post about nurses needing to take care of themselves and this was what I was going to entitle this one.  However, that one stressed the need for nurses to actually take care of their physical well being.  This one talks about their job health and what they need to do to ensure that they have a job in the future.  

This is not meant to be negative or to stress that they can’t acheive greatness as a nurse or healthcare provider.  There are a lot of things that they can do at their job to ensure success and most do quite well and become the great nurse that they wanted to be and have worked toward.  I am just trying to point out how nursing and healthcare has changed and to just make people aware of the need to plan ahead as well.   

What Options Do Nurses Have?

Most of us probably do have ideas and sometimes even thoughts of what they would like to do if they did lose their job for whatever reason.  I worked with a nurse that could no longer work as a nurse in the job that she had worked in all of her life.  She was in a horrible accident where her friend was killed and she lost one of her legs.  She was totally lost for quite sometime.  She could no longer work as a bedside nurse or in homecare as she had been doing.  There are jobs that she can do in nursing, but she was used to working as a homecare nurse.

One problem in the education of a nurse is that their training is very specifically geared toward providing bedside nursing to patients.  if you can no longer do this, what do you do?  We are not trained to be sales people, or to work in the modern tech business and many other jobs.  I know I am the worst sales person ever.  When I was looking at starting my own business, that was a huge issue for me and I would tell people that I was not a sales person and if the job consisted of doing this, I could not do it.  What does one do to make al living if you are no longer a nurse?

An Option That Offers Possibilities For Nurses

There are a lot of options available for nurses, but the one that I am thinking about is one where you are your own boss and all of the politics in a facility are gone.  Of course, now the whole success is in your hands when you are the boss, but at least it makes some sense where in a hospital or other facility it frequently does not.  Another positive is that you can start doing this from home in your spare time on a part time basis.  You can try it out while you are still employed for someone else, giving yourself a chance to see if it is something that you want to do.

I am talking about starting your own on-line business.  I know that many think that this is a crazy idea and that it won’t work.  Why not try it?  You do not have to continue if you don’t like it or if you think it won’t work for you.  Maybe you think that you don’t know how to and that may be true, but there is help out there to make it a viable option.  

There are many companies out there that are scams, but there is one that is not.  The name of this company is Wealthy Affiliate.  I had been taken twice for a lot of money, so I was very leary about trying it.  However, they offer 7 days free to try it out, so I figured that I couldn’t go wrong at least trying it.  After the 7 days I felt assured enough to join them and have not been sorry.  Everyone is so helpful and supportive.

Wealthy Affiliate helps you to learn how to make a website for you business.  i had no idea how to do this, but they teach you step by step how to do this and then as you go along they teach you how to make it better and better.  Once you have mastered this, they go on to teach you how to market it.  Again it is an ongoing process, but they continue to teach and help you for as long as you need them.  

There is always someone available to answer questions for you or to support you if you need it.  Someone is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and on holidays.  There is ongoing teaching.  A webinar is presented every week to keep you updated or to give you new information and ideas as it comes along.  The owners, Kyle and Carson, are always involved in new things that become available for all of us.

Certainly this is something that will benefit nurses that are terminated or that resign from their job in a facility because they can no longer deal with the stresses.  It is available to nurses that can no longer work providing bedside care due to physical issues or when they are no longer able to stand the rigors of patient care.  It is definitely ideal for a person after retirement.  It definitely would have been an excellent option for the nurse that I mentioned that ended up in a wheelchair.


Healthcare has definitely changed and nurses are no longer set for life.  She may decide she can’t deal with it anymore or they may terminate her as mentioned above.  There are options, however, and nurses with a job need to consider these while she is working so that she does not have to feel uncertain of her future.

Why not look into the option just mentioned with Wealthy Affiliate as you teacher and support?  If you are ready to look into this option, click here.

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