This is a good question since lately we seem to have only two seasons in the New England area–Summer and Winter.  This is not what I am talking about.

    Beautiful Signs Of Spring

    I was looking out of my living room window today and noticed that the flowering tree was beginning to blossom.  I have always loved the beauty of Spring.  Connecticut has tons of flowering trees.  It is so beautiful and I have always loved this time of the year.

    Professional Setting In Nursing

    However, my profession has kind of put a damper on my enjoying Spring.  When I was working it seemed like there were so many stresses, that sometimes the season flew by without me even noticing it.  The next thing I knew it was summer.  All of the beauty that I so love went unnoticed.  Sometimes, the stresses were patient related, but more often, it was a result of issues in administration or other issues at the facility.

    Retirement Ahead

    Well, now I am retired and it still seems like my profession is effecting my enjoyment of this beautiful season.  Not every retired person feels this way, but I do.  I have mentioned before how much I wish I was still working.  It is hard to enjoy things when you feel this way.  There are many worries that you have when you are retired.  Finances are one of them.  So how can one deal with all of  these things so that the flowers will bloom again in your world?  How do you begin to feel better about who you are in this new life called retirement and start enjoying the beauty of Spring?

    Life After Retirement

    One way is to find some productive way of living your life in this phase of your life.  As mentioned in another blog, most places in Nursing, won’t hire you when you reach a certain age.  However  there are nontraditional possibilities that may restore some of your self esteem.  One of these is to start your own business which could be related to your chosen profession or something else that you are passionate about.

    On of the best ways that I know to do this is by joining Wealthy Affiliates     What is Wealthy Affiliates, one asks.  It is a program that assists every step of the way to build a website for your on-line business.  Trust me.  This is not a scam.  I have dealt with some of them and lost a lot of money.  I finally found this site and since it lets you try their program and allows you to start two websites for a new business for free for 7 days.  I figured why not try it?  What do I have to lose?  The answer is nothing.  It is a great program with 24 hour assistance if you need it.


    If you are ready to learn more about Wealthy Affiliates and start your business, click here

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