A couple of weeks ago I was watching The Talk and they were talking about Cher and an award that she had just won. She was wearing a very provocative outfit and singing  and performing just as well as she ever had. She is in her 70’s. She looked good and performed good. Her age did not seem to hold her back.

    Shortly after this I saw a performance by a country/western singer that is even older than this and she sang just as good as she did in her younger years. Her voice was strong and she got through the whole song without an issue.

    I have seen several performers that are my age and were rock stars when I was a teen, so I know they are close to my age. I saw Donnie and Marie and another time I saw Frankie Avalon. They were all great–could still sing and move as well as they did in their younger years.

    Older People Are Valued In Politics

    In politics it is rare to see a younger man in the federal government. I guess it must be that they don’t have the experience and wisdom to make these huge decisions that one needs to make to run the government. I am not sure of the reasoning, but if you ever see them in session you will notice that most of them are well up there in age.

    A few days ago on the news it was announced that Coach Calhoun might be coming back to UConn. He is 75 and looks real good and looks like he is up to the challenge.

    I am not saying that all of these people should not be where they are, but I am asking why nurses at this age and who are in good condition and able to work as a nurse are pushed out. She is no longer capable of doing what she has done all of her life. There seems to be something wrong with this picture.

    There’s a shortage of nurses and it is going to get worse, and yet older, experienced nurses are gotten rid of even if they want to continue to work and are quite capable of doing so. Apparently there is a policy, too, that if a nurse has not worked for 2 years no one can hire them. I really don’t think that nurses forget how to be a nurse in such a short time. Some specialties may need refreshers, but basic nursing is basic nursing, and some specialties, such as psych, do not need refreshers. Counseling is counseling and changes very little.

    How do you think this makes a nurse feel? She has given her all, and more, most of her life and suddenly when she hits a certain age, she is incapable.  Her career that she has been dedicated to is over. Yet,in all of these other professions or careers the older person is revered. Suddenly the nurse, however, is nothing.

    Sad. Right? Why? What should be done about this? How can this be changed so that all people of the same age are treated equally? Age discrimination is illegal. Really? Except for nurses?

    There is an answer but maybe not the one to make the nurse feel like she wants to feel, or used to feel as a nurse. However, it is definitely a viable option and one that will help in the retirement years in many ways. It gives you something to do and allows you to follow a passion that you may not have had time for in the past. It brings in money and it keeps you busy. I am referring to becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliates and starting your own business on-line.

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