This is a good question.  What does the public think of nurses?  Let’s explore this and try to figure it out.  I have a feeling that the public has a more positive image of nurses than nurses have of themselves.

    How Do Patients And Ex-Patients Feel About Nurses

    Most patients and ex-patients have nothing but praise for nurses.  They think that the care that they received was above and beyond.  Sometimes, patients are angry with nurses, but usually that is short lived and related to a single incident or he may be angry at himself for being sick. Most of the time patients are very positive about the care they received and the nurse that gave that care.  Nothing but positivity ensues.

    How Do Families Of Patients See Nurses

    Most of the time, families, also, see nurses as providing the best care that their patient could have received.  Once in awhile, family members are on the opposite spectrum.  Usually, it this is the case, it is because the family is angry because the patient did not get better or had some other issue.  Sometimes this anger is warranted and sometimes it is misplaced and projected onto the nurse.  

    However most of the time families are so grateful for the care that was given to their loved one.  Their opinion of nurses soars and they have nothing but positive things to say about nurses.  Even when a person asks you what you do for work and you say that you are a nurse, the message given by him is one of respect and positivity.   Most people today see nursing as an honorable profession and that nurses are caring and giving people.  

    Families of the nurse are usually proud of what their loved one does professionally.  They are glad that she is their wife, mother, or however else they are related to her.  Little children will often tell everyone that their Mom is a nurse and works in a hospital where she takes care of sick people.  

    How Does The General Public See Nurses

    I had Good Morning America on this morning.  They were celebrating a nurse today for what she does for her patients and how much she means to the staff and her family.  The staff that she works with nominated her for this, stating that she always has a smile and cares for her patients.  Her husband expressed how she takes care of him and their children.  This is pretty much what most nurses do and how they are thought of by others. 

    Robin Roberts stated that nurses are angels and expressed her gratitude for nurses and how great they are.  Of course, she has been ill in the past and was cared for by nurses, which, I am sure are a part of how she feels.  Most people have positive feelings about nurses and care givers.  In the world we live in today, nurses are very much in the news due to all of the mass shootings and natural disasters. Newscasters express thanks and praise for the nurses and first responders when these things happen.

    Most people, I think, see nurses as nurturing and caring and see  them as giving to others selflessly.   The public probably see nurses in a more positive way than the nurses themselves.  I have written about this several times expressing how nurses feel about themselves and what they do and how they see other nurses that they work with.  

     Nursing has kind of a strange history.  If we go back to the days of Clara Barton and Florence Nightingale, nurses were very much needed and revered that had been cared for by nurses.  For example, soldiers were very grateful for the care and emotional support they got from nurses on the battlefields.  However, nurses were, also, seen negatively.  Many times they were seen as sexually promiscuous and even as prostitutes.  It was one of the easier professions to get into and one of the lower professions on the social scale.  Some historians have said that one of these two nurses had contracted syphyllis.  It is questionalbe, but mentioned in some books.   Basically nurses were seen negatively.

    In years to come, nurses were seen as subservient which may be a reason for nurses, themselves, having a negative view of themselves.  As I have written in other posts, when I was a student, it was stressed that we were below the doctors and that our role was to follow their orders and basically subservient.  Sometimes we were treated as servants by well to do patients, which kind of reinforced this image.

    However, over the years this has changed and and the way nurses are seen by the public is a more positive one.  Nurses are respected and seen as knowledgeable and worthy of praise and thanks.  Nurses, now, need to work on how they see themselves and recognize how much they have to offer to others.

    How Do We Get Nurses To Feel The Same Way?

    Nurses tend to see things in a more “realistic” way.  They know that they have done a good job, but they, also, know that they are not perfect or better than anyone else.  As I said in other blogs, many nurses do not see themselves as special at all.  I remember expressing to a friend that has his PhD in psychology how great he is and how much I admired him and what he does.  He looked at me strangely and could not understand why I felt that way about him as I was a nurse and gave good care to patients and others.  He admired me and what I did.  I said that what I do is nothing special, but what he does is.  Both are probably true, but I did not think I was special because I was a nurse.  I wanted to be a psychologist, which I was working on.  I think that many of us feel like this.  Let me just clarify this.  It is not that we feel totally without merit.  We know that we do a good job and are worth something, but we are not as great as others may see us.

    Perhaps if we look at what we do every day and what we give to others every day and how we affect other people’s lives we might see our worth from their perspectives.  Maybe it would be worth looking at our life, too and evaluate what our career means to us and see what else might help us feel better about our work and who we are.  We need to see ourselves as the public does. 

    One thing that might help is to consider what else we would like to do in life before getting burned out in nursing.  One possible way to do this is to look at what we are passionate about and work toward that end.  Maybe we want to move up the ladder which probably would mean going back to school so that we can do this.

      Another possibility is to become an entrepreneur and start your own business.  Both of these things would alow one to continue doing what you are currently doing while getting started on something else.  Starting a business is something most of us probably have never considered.  How does one go about doing this?  Most of us would need some help in doing this.  There are companies that can help with this.  The one that i have found to be the most helpful is a company called Wealthy Affiliates.

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    If you have any questions or comments, please leave below. 

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