What can you do if you can no change something?  I think everyone handles this issue differently.  Some people struggle and struggle to change it even if it is obvious that it can not be changed or at least changed by you.  Other people just give up and kind of disappear into the background.  Are either of these ways the beneficial,  and what effect does it have on the person?  I am not sure if I have the right answer either, but let’s explore this a little bit.

    Change If Possible

    Some things can absolutely not be changed, such as death or an accident.  It might have been preventable, but if it has already happened, it can’t.  However, there are a lot of things that can be changed, but it is not in our power to change it.  So, what can we do in this case?

    Well, the first thing that needs to be done is investigating the situation from all angles.  If someone in a power position made the decision you can start by talking to that person and discussing your feelings about it and seeing if there is a possibility of revising it or exploring it.  Sometimes it is not just one person that made the decision.  Sometimes it comes from a higher power and involves a whole board of directors.  It is still possible to go through the proper channels and even discuss it with them.

    There may be legal channels that you can go through if it is that important.  You probably need to discuss it among your collegues and friends and family.  Sometimes other can come up with something that you don’t see that can be used to either change it or not change it.  Sometimes you don’t see it clearly when you are that close to it.  If there is time you may need to take some time and space to process the whole thing.

    The point I am making here is that you need time to explore all of this and then if after all of this  you still can not change it then you have to decide if you can continue to stay in this situation or leave.  However, you need to take the time to do the above and not just react and disappear or withdraw.  Then make your decision.


    This happens to nurses all of the time.  Nurses are not a part of the decision making process that effect their life, both in the hospital and out.  Most of the time, nurses feel like they have no part in this and just accept it and complains about it and live with it until they can’t take it any longer.  It festers and festers until it bursts out and the nurse has a melt down or just gives up and quits.  There are other ways to deal with this.  Nurses need to begin to take charge and be a part of change.  In some cases, it really can’t be changed.  Then the nurse needs to accept it and move on.


    Hope Is Possible

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