What Becomes Of The Anger That’s Not Dealt With

Anger needs to be dealt with in an appropiate way when we are experiencing it.  For whatever reason, sometimes it is not.  So where does it go?   

First of all it is internalized.  It is at this point that a couple of different things may happen.  Neither one is a very good option.  When it is internalized or pushed down inside of us, it can cause both physical and emotional issues.  Let’s look at these.

Symptoms Associated With Anger

The physical effects of anger are many.  People will sometimes even need medical treatment for illnesses related to this.  It can cause hypertension or high blood pressure which can cause heart disease or strokes.  Gastrointestional illnesses can be related to anger inernalized.  Even menstrual issues in women can be traced to this anger. Cancer may, also, be related to long term suppressed anger.   There are many, many physical illness that can be related.

Now let’s  focus on the emotional issues associated with anger that are pushed down and left to fester.  There are theories in psychology that say that depression is a result of anger being internalized and turned inward toward the victim.  Freud was the first to say this.  He defines depression as anger turned inward.  Now, what happens to people with depression?  Well, the answer to this is a lot of things.

Emotions Felt When Angry

You start beating yourself up and eventually it may lead to suicide.  Stop and think about it. Your anger turns toward yourself and if you want to hurt someone, now it is yourself that you take it out on.  The anger is now directed toward you and suicide may be a thought.

When one is angry with someone, he may want to hurt that person.  He may do this by saying and/or doing hurtful things to that person.  If you are angry at someone, don’t you sometimes yell at him, call him names, tell him you hate him and even tell him you hope he gets hurt or dies?  Now, in most cases you do not carry through on hurting or killing the other person, but you might want to.  If you have turned that anger in on your self, you become the one that you want to hurt or kill.  Suicide?  That’s what suicide is.

Out Of Control Anger

On the other side of this is letting the anger build up inside of yourself, until you explode. You can not deal with this anger any longer and you find a weapon and go out and hurt that person that you are angry with or at the extreme you go into a school or other place and start shooting and killing anyone in your way.

How many times has this happened over the past few years in the United States?  It happened just the other day again at the high school in Santa Fe, Texas.  It is time that people learn how to deal with this anger before it reaches this point.

I am always telling the younger generation that it used to be that people pushed to  the extreme, maybe punched someone in the face.  Today they run home and find a gun and cause mass destruction.  We have to find  a way to deal with this anger and not let it build up and cause one to destroy other people and themselves.

We must take control of our own lives and find alternative ways to get through this.  There is another theory in psychology that has the basic premise that all living organisms move in a forward, self enhancing direction.  If this is true it moves toward life, not destruction.   We all need to start doing this and not toward a destructive way of dealing with things.

We have all been angry, but rather than internalizing this, talk it out.  Get someone to help both of you to work it out.  Look at how many lives are devastated by the actions of the student that hurt and killed so many on Friday.  He and his family are destroyed, now, too.  We have to find a way to stop this.

Nurses are not immune to this.  They live in a world of frustration and stress every day of their lives.  They get angry.  They become frustrated and stressed and in many cases can not express it.  They can not tell their boss what an idiot she is and how stupid the policy is.  They can not tell the patient how they really feel about what they did to themselves.  The nurse is an expert at pushing these feelings down and letting them fester and fester.  In most cases nurses tend to take it out on themselves and hurt themselves.  It has been ingrained into them that they do not hurt others.  They are there to help, not hurt.  It takes it’s toll on the nurse.  Nurse burnout and illnesses are very prevalent in nursing.

Nurses need to learn how to deal positively with these feelings, too.  They need to lead by example.  As I have said before, one of the ways they can do this is to find alternative options.  One of these is to do something that interests them and makes them feel good about themselves.  I wish I had followed the lead of one of the nurses I worked with  that started his own on-line business.  It not only gives you another income option, but it lets you focus on something that you enjoy rather than working many hours of overtime in a stressful situation.

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