We all have something to give and need to work together in health care. You have something to offer that I don’t have and vice versa. Without each other it might not work or at the very least it wouldn’t be as easy.

    When Health Care People Work Together

    This weekend has made me think about this a lot. The first responders and health care workers had to work together to save lives. Obviously I am referring to the horrible shootings that occurred in Texas and Ohio. All of the politicians and dignitaries that spoke all weekend thanked the care givers that worked together to save lives and support families and others. The best comes out in all of us in times of crisis. We all put our talents and skills together to do what is needed.

    We all have certain skills and abilities that when put together work for the best of all concerned. I remember the day of 911. Later in the day relative that worked in health care near me, called me to ask me if I wanted to go to New York with her to help out. The hospital where she worked was putting together a bus load of care givers to help out. I am a nurse and she works in another field in critical care and works a lot in crisis situations in the ER. I worked in behavioral health in a home care agency. I said that I was sorry, but I could not handle it. I thought that we were there to give physical emergency care and I just could not do that. Of course, little did we know then, that my skills were what would be needed. It ended up that no one went as time went on. My point is that we all have skills that we are best at and we just need to work together to do what we can.

    This is what makes the system work. We need to work together to do this. What she had to offer was no better than what I had to offer and only when we put them together does it work. This is true in times of crisis and in times when it is not a crisis.

    When Health Care People Don’t Work Together

    Sometimes departments fight against each other. One department thinks that they are better than another one. This is not true. I am always telling my relative that I could never do what she does in the hospital and that we need her. Many times she thinks that the nurses think that they are better than the department she is in. This is so not true and she has a BS in her field so she is as well-educated as many of the nurses. There is no reason to feel this way.

    She does not believe in the field that I work in and that is OK. Not everyone has the patience or understanding of those that need help in my field. It does not mean that I am not as valuable in my field as she is in hers. She simply needs to provide her services while I do mine. If we don’t work together it becomes apparent to the patient and effects the care given to these people. It, also, makes it difficult for others that work with us. If we don’t work together and don’t get along, it provides more stress. If we are working in a crisis situation like this weekend, no one needs added stress. It is stressful enough. We need to support each other as well as the patients.

    I remember that every time my coworker brought in an article written by a parent of one of the children that was lost in the Sandy Hook shooting, I would cry. It was such a stressful time for everyone, including care givers. We have to support each other in times like these in order to help the victims. If we can’t support each other we can’t help those that really need our help.

    How To Make This Work!

    It begins with the person. Each one of us needs to feel confident and good about ourselves. Again, all of us have something to give. If we did not have something to give we would not have gone on to school to learn how to do whatever we do within the healthcare system. We can all have skills and contribute something different to others as that it what it takes to make the system work. It does not mean that what one person does is better than what the other one does. So, recognize that you are special and have something to contribute.

    The next thing that makes it work is to have an administration that recognizes this and supports all of the workers alike. Again, no one is better than another. A nurse has her skills that make her who she is and physical therapy has skills that are just as important as the nurses. This is how the system works. When physical therapy is needed for the patient that just had hip surgery, they are notified and provide the service that they are best at. There is a hierarchy in each department, but even then it does not mean that one therapist is better than the person in charge of that department. Someone has to coordinate their services, so someone is appointed to be head of the department. The newest hire for that department may have people skills that the head of the department lacks. This does not mean that one is better than the other and management needs to recognize this and encourage all of their staff give their best to patients.

    Competition Versus Working Together

    Competition is not what is needed to make the system work. It seems like nurses and healthcare staff tend to be very competitive among themselves and each one tries to be better than the other one and get recognized for their contributions. I guess that there is nothing wrong with this. We all want to get ahead. However, when caring for patients we must all recognize that we each have special skills and use them when we are caring for patients. The nurse, the doctor, the therapist and the dietitian all need to work together to care for patients. This is especially important in a crisis. Each one of us has a job to do. No one can do it alone or at least not for very long. Anyone that has done CPR knows this for a fact. CPR is very tiring even when two people are doing it. I was thinking of the first responders this weekend. They needed to work together to try to save the lives of those shot down this weekend and I am sure that they did. Competition has no place in a crisis. We all need to work together.

    How Does This Fit Into A Business?

    Actually, it does. Even in a business you need to support of other business owners. Yes, we want to get ahead, but at the same time we still need to work together and support each other. No one is an island. If you stop and think about it, healthcare facilities are a business and in order to survive in today’s world, it is important to work together. What if other hospitals did not help each other out when they are in trouble, what would happen? Many times it is not the outcome that one desires, but sometimes other’s intervention may pull them out of it. The point is that businesses do help each other out.

    Even on-line businesses do work together. The work may be done from home and the owners do not see other owners on a regular basis, but they do communicate with each other and help each other when it is needed. We all collaborate and work together to become successful.

    There is a company called Wealthy Affiliates that does just that. It is owned by Kyle and Carson and has many members from all over the world that work together to help each other out. No one is out to get another. They are all there to help each other out and provide anything that they have learned from Wealthy Affiliate while building their business and promoting it. The support received from each other is terrific.

    Wealthy Affiliate started to help people learn how to start an on-line business. The owners wanted to help people learn what they had learned during the process of starting their own businesses. They wanted to make it easier for new business owners and have been quite successful at doing this. They, also, teach how to market and promote one’s business. There is much, much more, as well. If you are interested in learning more about starting your own business, please click here


    We all need to work together all of the time, but especially in times of a crisis. This is so true for healthcare workers. There is no reason to compete against each other. We all have something to offer.

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