What is transition and what does it mean? The definition is “the process of changing from one state or condition to another”. Things are changing or transitioning in our lives constantly. What I am talking about are the major changes in our life. Little things change in our life all of the time and don’t even phase us. However, when major things change or are about to change it has a big impact on us. Transition is hard.

    I had worked in a state mental facility for about 12 years when I was offered this position in a mental health clinic as the crisis coordinator. It was a new position and I would be designing it and setting it up as well as running it. It was a huge thing and a major change in my life. I had worked in mental health much of my career, but I had never had as much authority or flexibility and it would be in the community, not just another facility. The down side is that it was a big responsibility and the other part was that it was 30 miles away from where I lived.

    I really stressed over this for a while. I was tired of working where I had worked for 12 years and was not really happy there. The hospital was down sizing and I had closed several wards and finally ended up on an admission unit, which I really did not want to do. Both my co-workers and the director from the clinic encouraged me to take the clinic job. I even followed a nurse who was working in the community for a day to see if I would like it. Finally I had to make a decision. I did take the job. The process of making the decision was not easy. It was hard.

    Transitioning into the new work,itself, was hard as well. I had never worked in the community or set up a program like this. I did accomplish it and in the end I really enjoyed. It takes awhile to transition and especially if it is very different from what you are used to.

    It, also, depends on the circumstances of the job change.If one leaves a job after going through a lot of stress with the former job or if one is fired, it probably is going to take longer to transition into a new job. A lot of the feelings are going with you and this will probably effect how easy or how difficult the transition is. If it is an exciting new position that you are looking forward to it will be easier and faster. The past experiences you have had definitely effect it. One’s personality and past experiences to adjusting to something new will make a difference. Another factor will be the support that you have. If family and friends think you should not take the new job or if you have questions regarding your decision, it will be a more difficult transistioning. If others think it is a good choice and are excited for you that will make it easier.

    It kind of reminds me of the constant transition that children have to make. In school alone they change teachers and classrooms every year. They have to get used to new classmates and teachers constantly. Sometimes they have to actually change schools. Sometimes the changes are drastic, such as when the child transitions from Middle School to High School. They have to learn to be more independent and to different ways of teaching and learning and studying. The same is true when you graduate from High School and go to college.

    We have a child that is going to be doing this in a couple of years. I constantly try to tell him how different that will be. Parents are no longer there to wake the child up and get him to school on time, or tell him to do his homework. He is basically on his own and the way they grade in college is different. One usually gets a midterm, a final and sometimes a paper as grades and that is it. One is given a syllabus at the beginning of the semester and it is up to you how you use it. This is a huge transition.

    Parents try to teach and prepare the child for transition, but it is up to the child to take advantage of this. One’s life depends on all of this. How he responds to transition in his adult life depends on his learning from early childhood. This is not to say that he can not change later in life, but it is easier if he learns to transition early on.

    There is constant life changes as you grow up. When you transition from childhood to adulthood and go from being a student to the work world is a huge one. You are probably getting your own place and relating to the world in a whole different way. You are now totally responsible for how your life goes. Pretty scarey. Right? Probably. You have started your first job and must learn how to manage your finances and love life and other aspects of your life. There are many, many transitions to deal with.

    The next stage is what they call middle age. If you have married and had children things will again drastically change again. Your children are now off to beginning their own life and leaving home as you did. This can be a very difficult transition. One, also, takes stock of their own progress in life and this can be devastating depending on how you have done in your career and management. It can be very difficult for the mother who has not worked except as a mother. It, of course, is called the empty nest syndrome. I think that even if she did work, when you are all alone without children again, it can be difficult.

    Then comes the last stage, which of course is known as the golden years or retirement age. This may be the most difficult stage, although, I think that transitioning to all of the stages is hard. Now, one has to take a look at his life and his accomplishments or regrets in his work and other aspects of his life. I won’t even go into this very much as either one is happy with his life and retirement is something he looks forward to or it is not and this phase is difficult to navigate.

    For those people that have a lot of regrets in his life, it still is not too late to try something new. Some people wish that they had had their own business and been more successful. This can still be accomplished. In fact, there are a lot of people that do this and either start a brick and mortar or an on-line business of their own.

    This brings us to another transition. For those that have always worked for others it is a huge transition. Owning your own business is very different. However, it is possible to learn how to do this with the help of a company called Wealthy Affililiates. It can be done even after you have retired.

    Wealthy Affiliates begins by teaching you how to set up your website for your on-line business. There are courses that take you step by step how to do this. Once you have accomplished this it goes on to teach you about marketing which is major if you plan on being successful, which is why you are doing this to begin with.

    There is even an option to try it out for 7 days for free. If you feel like this is helpful to you, then you have the option to join their premium membership for $49 a month. How many places do you know that does this and allows you to try it out for free? Not many.

    The support system is fantastic. There is always someone available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The members are so helpful and will always direct you as to how to get the answer if they don’t have it right at hand. When you get frustrated or discouraged, there is someone if not many that are there for you. There is a method, also, if you want to private message one of the members.

    So as you look back on your life, don’t get discouraged. You can still be successful or acheive what you haven’t in your earlier years.

    If you are ready to do this transition and start on your own on-line business, click here.

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