The Importance Of An Attitude Change Toward The Boss

Most of us have a boss in whatever we endeavor to do.  Some are the greatest boss ever and others are not.  We all have attitudes toward our boss.  Some are negative and some are positive.  It probably would help if one changes his attitude  toward his boss if he has negative feelings toward the boss.

The Development Of One’s Attitude Toward The Boss

Feelings toward one’s boss probably begins in childhood.  How he sees his parents and their authority is very revealing to all of this.  This probably moves on to other authority figures, such as teachers and others in his life that have some authority over him.  Finally he becomes an adult and moves onto the work world.  Usually a person starts at the bottom and has a boss or many bosses.  So, what happens now?

Probably one’s feelings toward parents and other authority figures goes with him. If he has a positive attitude  he will probably expect great things from his new job and boss until the way he is treated changes.  Then, he may change his attitude or maybe he will find a way to validate what is happening now and realize that not all people are the same.  What happens next depends on exactly that–what happens next.  It all depends on what happens in their relationship and on the tolerance level of the person being affected.

How Do These Attitudes Affect One’s Performance?

Of course how one feels about his boss is going to affect how one functions at work.  If he has a positive attitude, he is going to be more into what he is doing and he will be more productive and have a better feeling about his job.  If he has a negative attitude toward his boss, it probably won’t be smooth sailing.  He may feel like the boss is constantly watching him and may feel that the boss does not have as much faith in him, and he may feel like he is treated unfairly all of the time.  He may not have as much self confidence in himself, either, which of course will effect his performance.  He may bad mouth his boss and he and his boss may have verbal altercations.

When Is It Time To Change One’s Attitude?

It is time for him to change his attitude when he feels like he can do nothing right there and that he needs to seek out another job. Hopefully he tries to make things better between he and his boss before it reaches this point.  If he starts feeling ill or feels more depressed it may be time to try to change things.  Sometimes he starts drinking more or eating more or smoking more.  Another indication may be that he calls in a lot or wants to do this.  All of these are indicators to try to change his attitude.  Hopefully he will be able to do it himself, but if not there is help available.

How Does One Change These Attitudes?

The person needs to start by evaluating what is happening with them and try to figure why and how it all started.  One thing he should do is to look back to when he was a child and try to figure out how he reacted to earlier authority figures.  Sometimes and actually probably most times, this is extremely difficult to do if not impossible.  If he can it might be a place to start.  Many times people don’t see how this could affect his attitude toward his boss, but as pointed out previously, it does.

It took me a long time before I recognized that I did not like to be told what to do.  As I looked at it more, I realized that it probably went way back to my childhood.  I remember that I did not like being told what to do by my mother and as time went on by other authority figures.  Depending on the authority figures and how they respond to me, pretty much determined how I responded.  Many times, I rebelled.  This helped me to figure out that I needed to be in positions at work where I was either in charge or where I pretty much worked alone.  If I didn’t I did not always get along with the boss.  It was very important for me to recognize this, so that I could work in a situation where I was more independent.

Another thing that the person needs to do is to talk with the boss that she seems to have a problem with.  Sometimes it is possible to work it out together when it is understood what is happening to both of them.  Sometimes it takes a mediator to help the person deal with the problem.  Many times it just takes a friend or a co-worker, but other times one needs professional help.  Most businesses offer EAP services and sometimes it only takes a short time to figure it out and work it out.

Sometimes it means that the person has to do as my nephew did and start his own business.  Some people just can’t work for someone.  He has done very well since he did this, but when he worked for someone he lasted only a short time at that job.  On-line businesses are an ideal option for someone like this.  Why struggle when you don’t have to?

It is not easy to start your own business.  I have decided to start an on-line business.  However, I was pretty much computer illiterate, so I needed HELP.  Fortunately I found Wealthy Affiliate, which is a company that teaches one to learn to do all of this on his own.  It is great since now you know how to do it instead of having it done for you. When you understand what goes into it things make more sense to you.  Wealthy Affiliate teaches you step by step how to design your own website and how to market your business.  It, also, provides support for you all along the way.  There is someone available 24 hours  a day around the clock.  They offer everything that you need to make your business a success.   


So if you can’t work for a boss, then become the boss and then you don’t have to answer to them.  I don’t know that this is the answer for everyone, but for some it is.  I do think that you should try to understand your attitude toward the boss, and try to work it out. 

I you are one of the people that needs to be the boss and decide to start your own business and need help to do it, click here.

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