How does solving issues in a hospital get done?  Good question and many times it does not get done and things remain the same forever.  However, sometimes they can not continue.  Something has to be done to solve the problem. 

    Discard Defeatist Attitude

    The first thing that has to happen is to recognize that there is a problem.  Most of the time everyone is well aware that there is a problem, but sometimes the issue is not very well defined.  This one of the first things that has to be done.  The issue has to be defined and clarified.

    However, even before this can be done, there is another thing that has to be done.  The attitude around the problem has to be changed.  I am referring to the defeatist attitude that the staff and middle management has.  Everyone complains about the problem, but the response you hear to this is that nothing can be done.  Everything has been tried and nothing works.  There just is nothing that can be done about it.  What’s the point?  No one listens or cares, so nothing will be done.

    Well, guess what?  With this attitude you are right.  It’s easy to compalin about it and be miserable, but it’s a lot of work to try to solve the problem, so why bother.  Nothing will change.

    One of the issues that I hear about all of the time, is the shortage at the hospital and how difficult if not close to impossible to work in this conditions.  I believe this.  I know there is a shortage and that it actually is getting to a critical level.  The person that was telling me about this yesterday is in middle management and just yesterday she ended up working four hours overtime because staffing was at a critical level.  Let me add, that she is new to this position and was not sure of what to do.  She had called everyone that she could to get them to come in and everyone is so overworked that they could not do any more.  I remember those those in a mental health facility when we would be forced day after day due to the shortages.  

    Anyway, let’s use the shortage in nursing as the example in this article.  The sense that I am getting is that everyone is so discouraged and frustrated and overworked that they feel like there is nothing that can be done.  The defeatist attitude is quite alive at all levels.  My feeling is that as long as people are thinking this way, nothing will change.  If nothing is done about it;if nothing is tried, nothing can be done.  Nothing will change.  No, it will change, but not for the good.  It is an issue that has to recognized and worked on if it is to be solved.  This is true of everything.  If nothing is done, nothing will get better.  So let’s go to the next step.

    Problem Solving Technique

    Have you heard of the problem solving technique.  If you are a nurse, you should know what it is and how to use it.  Nurses are taught how to do this when working on a care plan for patient care.  If a patient has a diagnosis of xyz, the nurse needs to define each problem the patient is having that is related to the diagnosis and then  use this to solve the problems.

    Now, let’s explore what problem solving is.  I was taught the 4 step problem solving method, so lets look at each step and then see how it might apply in the above example of staffing issues in a hospital.

    1. Define the problem
    2. Generate Alternative Solutions
    3. Select An Alternative And Try It
    4. Evaluate                       

      Problem Solving visual

      Problem Solving Chart


            Develop A Plan

            It is now time to try to come up with a plan for the staffing issue in a hospital.  The first thing that has to be done is to form a committe and then sit down and define what the problem actually is.  Many times the problem really is not what you thought it was.  In this case, short staffing is short staffing.  However, what does need to be defined is why there is such a shortage.  The solution will depend on what is causing it.  

            In this particular hospital, staff keeps resigning.  The next question is why?  Another issue is that they can not hire.  No one is applying.  Why not?  Is it because of the reputation of the hospital?  In other words are prospective staff thinking that there must be a problem if staff keeps leaving?  Are schools in the area turning out people in this field?  What exactly is the problem?  This is what must be discussed at length and defined.  This is the actual problem; not just the shortage.

            Once this is defined, then possible alternative solutions need to be discussed.  Does administration need to look into why staff is quitting all of the time?  Where can they go to try to find qualified staff and what is needed to get them to apply and stay?  What about special incentives to get the staff they have to either work more overtime or to stay on staff?  Will hiring travelers be a solution?

            Once this has been decided, then it needs ot be discussed with upper management and hopefully it will be approved to try the solution that the committee thinks might be a viable option.  Then is approved and tried it needs to be evaluated and if it is working ok and if not then another possible solution needs to be agreed upon and tried and so on and so on until the problem is solved.

            How I Used Problem Solving In Designing My Website

            This method can be used in so many things we are involved with every day of the week.  Sometimes it takes time to even recognize that there is a problem.  Until you know that there is a problem nothing can be done.  Then you have to define the actual problem as in the above example.

            I have been trying to start a couple of businesses related to nurses and healthcare providers, so this is what I would like to use another example of using the problem solving method.  I actually thought I was doing well in writing content on my website, but with further education, I am realizing that it was not so great.  So, I began to look at my older posts and recognize that there is a problem.  They just aren’t what they could be.  So, now I have begun to work at this and define the problem.

            I am involved with the super affiliate challenge at Wealthy Affiliates that is giving us a much more indepth program to make our businesses successful. It has taken me awhile to adapt and reconize some of the problems with my posts and have chosen the solutions given by Kyle to improve on some of the problems in my posts.  I got ranked by google for one of my posts yesterday, which would tell me that what I have chosen to change has made a difference.  So my option to try to get used to and use some of these things is working.  That is the evaluation.  I am sure that there are many more needed in the future, but the system works.

            Let me just explain what Wealthy Affiliates is since I did mention it.  It is a website that is owned by Kyle and Carson and designed to teach and help people start their own online businesses.  It takes you step by step to design your own website for your business and then expand on all of this to make a beautiful website.  After you have done this, then it teaches you about marketing and how to get your business moving.  They also support you in the process and answer any questions that you have 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

            If you have any more questions and are interested in starting your own business, click here.

            If you have any questions or comments please leave below.


            It is possible to solve issues with systems as complex as huge hospitals if people really want to change things.  It can also been done in a lot of other situations as well.  Get rid of that defeatist attitude and do it, using the problem solving technique.

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