What is respect?  Merriam Webster defines it as “to feel admiration for (someone or something):to regard it as being worthy of admiration because of good qualities”.  Urban’s definition states, “But, you must give respect to receive respect.  No one owes you respect until you have earned it, so there is no such thing as I will give it after….”.

    I agree with the second part of this.  I hardly ever use the word respect and I hate it when I hear someone say that you need to respect so and so.  I think that there needs to be two words for respect.  I am not sure what they should be, but as it says above respect is earned, not just given.

    Authority Figure

    I think that there is a basic respect that we all should have for authority figures, such as teachers, parents, doctors and nurses just because they are in these positions.  I think that they deserve to be listened to and treated positively because they are who they are.  Actually, all people deserve this “basic” respect.

    The next respect is the one that I think needs to be renamed. I am talking about a particular teacher or someone else that has gone above and beyond in one’s life  and you think he or she is the greatest and has made a huge impact in your life.  This person has truely earned it and deserves “it”.  I am not even sure how to explain “it”

    I, also, am not sure how to separate the two.  While I think all human beings and especially those in positions of authority deserve a basic respect, I, also, think that repect is earned.  No one should be bullied or mistreated, but sometimes people are so terrible to others that it is questionable whether they even deserve this level of respect.  However, they are still human beings.


    I guess that the only time I use the word respect is when I truely do think they are great and that my life has been changed for the better.  They have earned my “respect”.  Respect Is Earned.

    How does this relate to nurses.  First of all, nurses need to respect themselves.  I guess I have not always done that.  I remember a time when I truely admired a professor in psychology when I was working on my graduate degree in psychology.  I remember that I felt that he was so much more important than I was because he was a psychologist.  I was “just a nurse”.  His job was so much more important than mine.  I remember that he was surprised when I said this as he thought that nurses were pretty important and that what they do was important.  I think that I had been taught in nursing that we were not.  The Doctors were the important ones.  Hopefully that has changed.  We all have a place in life.  Nurses need to see themselves in a positive light.

    Do others respect nurses?  For the most part, probably yes.  Patients and families that have been cared for positively, probably definitely do. When you tell them that you are a nurse, most people have a positive response to this and usually when a disaster in our nation has occurred most news sources have favorable things to say for first responders and doctors and nurses.

    How about the people that supervise and work with nurses?  I think that this is where I am not as sure about the respect that they have for nurses.  Of course, they usually are nurses, too, but many times they do not have the respect that one would expect.  Nurses are very critical of each other and are not always repectful of each other.  It really is sad that this is the case.  Doctors usually repect each other.  Why don’t nurses?  Many times the way that nurses are treated by each other or by their superiors is the reason that nurses burnout and chose to leave their profession.

    On my other website, this is discussed in more depth and ways of changing this are discussed as well.  We all need to learn to respect ourselves and each other.  Sometimes it seems like even the basic respect that I talked about early in this blog is not even there.  Nurses need to work on earning this respect and on earning the respect, that for me does not have a name.

    Help Each Other: Support Each Other

    Nurses need to start helping each other and taking care of ourselves and other nurses to work toward their professional goals and feel good about themselves.  We need to stop fighting with each other and help them to achieve their goals and feel that respect that they so want.

    Many nurses are still quite happy with what they are doing, but still do not feel like they are “respected” either by themselves or other nurses.  They can work toward their goal and hopefully eventually get their.  Some nurses are at the burnout phase but still not ready to leave nursing.  Maybe all she needs is to find something else to do professionally, instead of working  overtime in nursing.

    Other nurses have reached the burnout phase and just needs to get out of what she is currently doing all together.  There are so many alternative options for nurses today.  She just needs to take that step and try to find something that makes her happy and feel respected by herself, at least.

    I am proposing a non-traditional option.  It is possible to start your own business using one of your passions that you enjoy.  We should not hate our job and hate to get up every morning to go to work.  If you really, really have something that you like to do why not turn into a business that will eventually provide you with the income that you need as well.  Sometimes, as mentioned above, you can do both your traditional work in nursing and sometimes you just need to concentrate on something else.

    If this is what you chose, others should be supportive of you.  Often times, they are not.  I know that I have felt this way.  Sometimes, I feel like everyone things I am crazy for doing this and think I will never suceed at it.  It takes work and time, but is possible.

    Fortunately I came upon this company called Wealthy Affiliates that provides everything you need to start a business.  They teach you step by step how to create a website and how to market.  They provide support which is great for all members, hosting and much, much more.

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