It seems like an online job would be perfect for the disabled.  I am sure that it depends on what the disability is, but in a lot of cases it would seem ideal.

    Newly Disabled Seeking A Job

    I would think that this would be a difficult situation to be in and to start back in the work world.  I worked with a nurse in home care that lost her leg in an auto accident.  The person that she was with was killed.  I know that she had a really difficult time adjusting after the accident.  In fact, she was suicidal at one time.  Of course, she had two things to get over and grieve over.  In nursing, of course, you are on your feet much of the day, so how does she continue in this career and as with most nurses this is all that they know. I kind of lost track of her over the years, so I do not know what she finally did, but now I certainly would encourage her to do online work.

    There are many situations where one is confined to a wheelchair which makes it impossible to continue to work in many areas of work.  Even if the person is able to walk with a prosthesis, it is still difficult to continue in the work that they used to do.  For example, heavy contruction or constuction where they have to work at the top of a sky scraper would not be something that one could continue to do.

    Sometimes it means whole relearning process for a person to do.  If someone has a head injury it may take a whole new learning process to do this type of work, but it is possible.  My cousin had an auto accident with a head injury.  He had to work very hard to learn how to rethink in order to get some of his thoughts out.  It was possible though with the help of a speech therapist.  It a lot of these cases it may take a long time, but we all know that if a person is determined he can do it.

    Those With Disabilities Since Birth/Childhood

    In some ways it may be easier for those that have never known something different.  They have learned to adapt and use other senses since they were born.  If a child is born with a disease that has limited his mobility, he never experienced what it was like to walk or get around in any other way than what he does now.  He learns how to function and work from a wheelchair or using crutches or an atificial prosthesis.  He never knew what it was like to do any other kind of work, for example.   He has learned to deal with his limitations from the beginning.

    This is quite different than for the person that was able to do everything in all aspects of his life and then for whatever reason ended up with disability that now limits what he used to do.  I am sure that the person that has been disabled since childhood has had a lot to deal with, but it is different than it is for the person that did not have a disability from childhood.

    Positives Of Online Jobs For The Disabled

    1. It can be done from home—This is self explanatory.
    2. It can be done from a wheelchair.
    3. It can be done in most cases in their own time frame.  This of course may vary.  Certainly if it is his own business he can do it whenever he chooses.  If he is working for someone else he may have a time frame on it, but for the most part we are talking about one’s own business.
    4. If they are not feeling well one day, they have the option of not working that day without repurcussions.
    5. They are their own boss.
    6. They have independence and flexibility.
    7. They can work at their own pace or speed.  They can start and stop when they desire to.  They can have lunch and a break at their discretion.

    These are some of the positives that one has when they work on line and especially when they own their own business.  If they did not have this option they probably would be struggling to find something that they can successfully do.  Sometimes they get so discouraged and just give up and just sit there and sometimes even contemplate suicide.  I know that the nurse I mentioned in the beginning got to this place.

    Starting Your Own Business Online Is An Option

    There are a variety of jobs that one can try online.  The best choice that one has is probably starting an online business.  It gives one the most flexibility for one thing.  One has many options or what is called a niche.  It depends on what one is most passionate about or at least this is the best way to go as when people are passionate about something they usually put their all into it.  However, there are tons of possible niches.

    If you are like me which means that I need a lot of help in doing all of this.  I am basically computer illiterate and when I decided to do this I had no idea where to start.  Fortunately I came upon Wealthy Ailliates which is a company that can teach you how to start your own online business and how to market it.  They are tremendous in all of this so I suggest that you look into this if doing this is something you would like to do.

    Wealthy Affiliates offers everything that you need to do this.  They even do the hosting for you.  The only extra expense is your domain which you have to renew every year for a very small fee.  In addition to this, you can design up to 25 businesses, but in the beginning it is to your advantage to start with one and put everything you have into this.  The teaching is so helpful as is the support system.  There is someone available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

    The price is just $49 a month for everything that you will need to do this.  Another thing that they do give you one week and 2 sites to see if this is something that you want to do.  You can’t go wrong.  It will cost you nothing to at least try it and see if it something that you want to do.


    If you are ready to look into this and get started, click here.  It seems that this is a positive way to go for a disabled person, whether he is newly disabled or has been disabled since birth. I want to add that the disabled are very resoursful and when they put their mind to something they can usually accomplish almost anything.


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