How does one’s attitude toward work effect the work that one is expected to do on a regular basis? Do people have attitudes toward work or is work just something you do to survive? One goes to work because he gets paid. You don’t have to like it or hate it. You just have to do it if you need or want the money.

    What Is The Work Ethic?

    On the other hand, most of us have heard of the work ethic. What does that mean? How do you explain it to your children? Most of us have heard our parents talk about the work ethic and sometimes even in a negative way. If someone is not working or putting any effort into it, your parents might ask you what happened to your work ethic and go on to say that they and your grandparents had a strong work ethic.

    So what does this mean? Well, to most people it means that we go to work every day and put in 8 hours of hard work or what is expected of you by your employer. It means that you are loyal and honest and work to the standards that are expected of you in the job you were hired to do. Most people in all types of employment believe in this.

    How Does One Feel About Work?

    To go one step beyond this, we all have an attitude about work. I would guess that most people have heard of the work ethic when they reach the age when they can start working to make money. Whether everyone agrees with this, I don’t know. However, I think that most people begin to form an attitude toward work in general. Some may feel that going to work is a task that they have to do and some even think that it is torture. Hopefully this does not continue as they get used to it, but for some it may. It will be a long life of torture if they do.

    Hopefully most will form a more positive attitude toward work. It is something one will be doing for a very long time. It is probably to one’s advantage to enjoy working. I know that we all like to get paid, but there is more to it than just this. Work should be fun or at least tolerable. People should not get up every morning dreading to go to work, nor look at their watch every hour to see how much longer their day will be. I guess that I am saying that it is much more pleasurable if one buys into the work ethic as we know it and have a positive attitude toward work in general.

    Many older people will tell you that they don’t know what they are going to do after they retire. Work gives one a purpose and when that is gone, now what do you do. For these people work was enjoyable and they had a positive attitude toward it. Not that there were’t days when they wanted to just stay home. We are all human, but when you look at it over a lifetime, they did not feel this way.

    How Does One’s Attitude Affect His Work?

    It becomes very apparent when you can’t stand to go to work. Believe it or not, even your boss knows. One does not put his all into it when he can’t stand his job and this is very apparent. He does not do his share which makes others pick up the slack. What he does do is done sloppily and of course others are aware of this. He is always late for work and ready to leave an hour before it is time. Lunches are longer. He complains all of the time and has nothing good to say about the company.

    On the other end of the spectrum, those around him know how much he enjoys what he is doing. He is on time for work and sometimes stays late and/or takes work home. He offers for overtime or extra work. He sells his company and rarely complains or talks about it negatively. He meets deadlines and does superb work. He is the one that is not looking forward to retiring.

    I am sure that it is very apparent how one’s attitude toward work effects his work. Who would you rather employ and work with?

    When Is Change Needed And How Does One Change His Attitude

    If people really feel negatively toward his work, then he probably needs to reevaluate and find another job or career. Sooner or later he is going to be asked to leave if he doesn’t change his attitude. I am not sure what to say, if the person has a negative attitude about work in general.  I guess that he needs took deep within and reevaluate his values in general.

    Perhaps he went into his current career when he was very young and then came to the realization that he does not want to do this all of his life.  This does happen.  I, myself, wishes that she had not gone into nursing, but I learned to find what aspect of nursing I could work in without feeling totally negative.  I went on to get a couple of degrees in psychology and worked in behavioral health, but in nursing.  This I did enjoy and worked in it for a very long time.  Most of my complaints about nursing have to do with the politics of nursing and not the work itself.  So this is one option that everyone has, which is to do whatever you have to do to change careers.

    Another option is to find the place and the field within your career that you do enjoy and have a more positive attitude about.  Sometimes another facility or work place is all that you need.  Maybe their standards and policies are not yours, but maybe another one would be.  

    Some people can not work for other people.  They have to be the boss.  I have a nephew that was like this.  He just did not like being told what to do and often got into trouble because he could not deal with this.  He was fortunate enough to start his own business eventually and now does quite well at what he does.  So, this is one way to go, too.

    How do you do this?  After I retired, I decided to do this as I was not ready to retire, but was not sure that I wanted to work for an agency or facility anymore.  I finally decided that I would start my own businesses that related to nurses.  I came upon this company called Wealthy Affiliate to teach me what to do.  I was basically computer illiterate, so definitely needed help.  

    Wealthy Affiliate teaches you step by step how to start a website for an on-line business and how to market your business.  It constatnly keeps you updated with changes and updates and answers any questions that you might have as you progress.  They, also, support you if you need it as you continue to do this. 


    There are many options that people have, but one’s attitude toward work is vital to a successful work life.  If it is a positive attitude it will make one’s life much easier and satisfying.  It is a possiblity to do this.  All that it takes, sometimes, is to define what the problem is and then try out possible solutions.

    So go for it.  You can do it.  If you are ready to be your own boss and want to try your own on-line business, click here, for additional information.

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