Nurses Need To Trust Each Other

It’s Like A Broken Marriage

Nurses definitely need to trust each other, but they don’t.  Why not?  Unfortunately most nurses have had plenty of experiences where they are called out by management for something that another nurse complained about.  Many times it is small and insignificant and petty.  Why?

It Can Cause Despair

Perhaps nurses have so little faith in themselves that they have to try to look good in the eyes of administration by tattling.  Of course, if it is something that puts a patient or other staff member in jeopardy, the nurse should report it.  However, most of the time it is not, but it makes the nurse reporting it look good or so she thinks.  In the end, it may back fire on her, but it is too late for the nurse that she reported.  She is now in trouble with her supervisor and will be scrutinized for a while after this.  This nurse will, also, start doubting herself and not trust her abilities.  It places a lot of stress on this nurse as well as others that work with her.  Eventually she may even leave as she feels like she can no longer work under these circumstances.

How Trusting

Nurses need to start trusting themselves and not resort to this type of behavior.  Nurses need to start talking to each other.  Why couldn’t this nurse that went to administration go to the nurse she reported and talk to her about the problem?  The reported nurse could then explain what the other nurse thought was wrong.  Maybe the reporting nurse had misconceptions of what happened or maybe there was a reason as to why she did what she did.  If indeed there was an issue maybe the two of them could come up with a solution or maybe as I just said the reporting nurse really did not see exactly what happened.  Wouldn’t this be better than creating a furor?  Of course, if they could not work it out together, then maybe the two of them could seek assistance together.  This certainly would be better for all concerned.

The Trust Of A Child

Nurses and other healthcare people need to start trusting each other and work together in caring for the patient.  We don’t have to be out to get each other.  We all have something to offer and we need to start trusting that and start caring for ourselves and each other and the patient.  You may be better at one thing, but I may be better at something else.  We compliment each other.  Rely on your instincts and stop feeling insecure and use what you are good at and stop looking for the negative in others.

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