Again violence in hospitals and other work related places in the healthcare profession is rearing its ugly head. I have read several articles about this subject again. It seems like violence is increasing in hospitals. Details were not given, but that really does not matter as violence should not be happening, especially in places where care is being given to them or their families.

    One of the huge factors here is the way that violence in these facilities is handled. Nurses need the support of administration, period, but especially in this situation. Sometimes nurses are made to feel that it is their fault. She must have done something to provoke the violence is intimated. Really? What nurse or anyone else goes to work in the morning with any such idea? I am sure that if a nurse is caring for a patient that she feels at odds with, she would ask to have her assignment changed. She is not going to deliberately provoke a patient.

    I think it has changed today, but when I was a student and a young nurse, we were told that we can not press charges against a patient, even if he assaults you. He is sick and we just have to deal with it. No one has the right to assault or hurt another person. If the nurse is assaulted she should be entitled to some course of action that any other person is legally entitled to.

    Now, I do know that some illnesses and some medications can cause people to behave erratically. If this is the case then the hospital needs to put something in place to protect the nursing staff until the situation is under control. If it means that security needs to be present, then it needs to be present. Maybe it is sedation that is needed or someone sitting one-to-one with the patient. Staff needs to be protected and administration needs to ensure that this happens.

    Nurses are saying that they want to be protected. However, nurses are feeling just the opposite. They have little faith in administration and their ability to do this. The feeling is that administration has little faith in their staff and that they don’t really care about the well being of the staff.

    Perhaps if policies are put in place to protect their staff and if staff is trained in ways to manage difficult patients some of the violence can be prevented. Policies have to be reinforced, too. However, if the real problem is that administration does not care, then this won’t work, either. Maybe things have to be changed at the top. If this does not happen, hospitals are going to lose staff, which is not what most places can afford.

    Another issue is that staff does not report violence or signs of impending violence. Why? One reason may be a fear of retaliation. The nurse may be reprimanded in some way or even fired. At the very least, she may be made to feel like it is her fault or that it is not important. If these incidents are not reported and dealt with by administration, nothing will ever be done to change things.

    Most hospitals have a policy about reporting such things which should be followed up by administration. In some cases, it may result in the police being called. At the very least, it needs to be investigated by the administration. Maybe policy changes need to change. Maybe the nurse needs some training in dealing with violent patients. Maybe the patient needs counseling or supersion. However, as I just said, if staff is fearful of even reporting violence, then nothing will ever change.

    If nothing changes, then what? I guess that the most obvious thing is that staff gets tired of being treated like this and quits. Perhaps he quits and goes elsewhere, but the possibility of leaving the profession is also a reality. People can not go to work day after day and fear for their life or of being assaulted in some way.

    Not everyone is assaulted physically. Mental anguish is just as bad. If someone is verbally abused or assaulted day after day, it takes it’s toll. Sometimes the violence comes from staff members or from administration. In some ways this can even be worse as there is no excuse for this kind of behavior from hospital personnel.

    Even though I certainly don’t want nurses to leave nursing, I do want to tell nurses that find themselves in this situation that there are other options. You can still make contributions to your profession by starting your own on-line business. I want to continue to help people and one of the ways that I hope I can do this is by changing things in the way nurses are supervised and taught from the beginning onward. Another important point is that your business does not have to be related to nursing at all. It can be whatever you are passionate about.

    I started two sites. One is this one to make nurses aware that there are alternative options. The other is about nurses needing support and how that can be done. You have the same options as I have. I found Wealthy Affiliates which teaches you how to start your own business and how to market it.

    Wealthy Affiliates has so much to offer. It teaches from the beginning what you need to know to start a website. Prior to this I spent thousands of dollars to do this and made no money. Wealthy Affiliates allows you to have multiple sites once you join the premium membership. In addition to this they host your sites. The only thing you pay for is the domain or domains. My other site with a different company charges $39 a month for this The whole monthly payment for a membership with WA costs only $49 a month. Again, in addition to this you have access to many, many others things that you need in running your own business.

    Once you have learned, step by step, how to make your website for your on-line business, the lessons go onto to teach you about social media and marketing for your business. Every Friday evening you have access to a webinar that covers a variety of things.

    Another feature is that you can try this out with a starter membership for 7 days. There is no charge for this and you can start 2 sites. It gives you the option to try it and see if you can do it or if you want to do this. You are given access to almost of the things that they offer for the premium membership.

    You are never alone in all of this. There is always someone available to help you. If you have questions just ask and someone will help you out. Even if you just want to voice you frustrations or even personal feelings about something that is going on in your life you can do this. There is a system where you can private message him and only he will get the message.

    So I guess I am trying to tell that you do not have to put up with the violence that you are subject to. There are other, safer options. It is still a lot of work, but you can work on it part time or full time from your home or any place else. No one should work under the conditions where your life and comfort and safety are concerned. I am not trying to convince all nurses to leave nursing, but you do not have to continue to be treated badly. There are options.

    If you are ready to change careers or even just add to your full time employment, click here for more information and give it a try.

    If you have any questions or comments please do so below.

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