Happiness is hard to define.  It is definitely a feeling and putting feelings into words is hard.  Webster’s definition of happiness is “a state of well-being and contentment–a pleasurable or satisfying experience”.

    What is Happiness?

    How do you put this definitiion into words.  What is a state of well-being or contentment?  This could be something different for everyone.  A pleasurable experience is different for everyone.  What I see as pleasurable is probably different from what you would define as pleasurable.  I think we can all agree what a state of well being feels like, but beyond that I am not sure if we can really put into more words.

    How Does One Find Happiness?

    Someone put something on facebook this morning that says that happiness comes from you not from someone else.  How many times has it been said in a relationship the he or she makes me so happy.  Really?  Is this really the case?  We have to take accountability for our own happiness. 

    I remember years ago that a psychology professor said to me, that when two people are in an arguement the person having the feelings should not say you make me feel……..  That person should take accountability for his own feelings and say something like, “when you say that or treat me that way, I feel……..  You are responsible for how you are feeling.  This applies to happiness, too.

    Nothing or no one is responsible for your happiness.  You know what and when you are happy  about something.  You are responsible for your own happiness.  Only you can make yourself happy.  In addition to this, nothing or no one can make you happy until you choose to be happy.  People will try to make you happy, but can not acheive this unless you want to be happy. Spouses are known for this.  In the heat of an arguement, on of them will throw this up in the other one’s face.  “I have tried everything to make you happy, but I just can’t do it.  You are still miserable”.  

    What Does Happiness Mean In Nursing?

    It seems like it kind of depends on the person you ask. Happiness is an individual thing.  Only you know what makes you happy in your career.  Here we are talking about a nurse’s career.  First of all it depends on why you went into nursing and what your expectations were when you started.  If you went into nursing to marry a rich doctor and did not marry a doctor, then you probably are not happy.  If you went into nursing to make money and become rich, then it depends on whether you are in that position.  If your expectations were to take care of the ill and care for people, then hopefully you are happy.

    However finding happiness in nursing is more complex than in many other professions.  There is so much stress from so many things in nursing.  It makes finding happiness difficult to find totally.  You may be happy to be helping people if that is what your goal was or that you are making the money that you wanted to make, but there are so many other things that impact this happiness.  I have gone into many of these things in other blogs, so will not get into all of them right now. 

    Possible Other Careers To Make One Happy.

    I just read an article about baby boomers that are getting ready to retire.  It made me think of other possibilities to make this easier for the person that is about to embark on a totally different life.  I have mentioned this before, but I do think that if the person starts to think about and then starts a business of their own might be an option for some.  It can be related to their lifelong career of nursing or it can be something completely unrelated, as long as it is a passion of theirs.  A person that I worked with did this and I so wish I had.

    Being productive and busy is usually something that nurses are and strive to be.  Certainly starting a business and marketing it will provide this for them.  If this is one of the things that helped nurses be happy with what they were doing, then this is a perfect way to go.  You will be busy for sure when you are starting this and the goal of course is productivity.  Hopefully, though, the stresses will be less and your work will be enjoyable.  Hopefully you will find happiness here.

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