Traditional Nurse

    Nurses are pretty traditional, even if they think that they are not.  Nurses learn to be nurses from the beginning of their educational program.  There is one way to do things and it is difficult for them to embrace change.  Of course change happens and nurses have to relearn and adapt, but it is not easy for them.

    Computers In Medical Field

    Take the computer age.  At one time this was not the norm, believe it or not.  Especially in nursing.  Business people used computers, but not nurses.  Today, of course, everybody uses the computer.  We no longer even talk to each other.  We email each other and wait for the answer.  I remember going to a doctor one time and on my way out I thought of a question I had wanted to ask the doctor and didn’t.  I told the nurse and even though she was feet from his actual office, she emailed him and we had to wait for his email back.  I thought, this is crazy.  She can’t go to his office door and get an immediate answer?  It doesn’t make sense but I know that today this is how everyone comunicates.

    So, what happens to the older nurses that did not grow up on the computer?  Well, obviously, she had to adapt if she was going to survive in the profession.  She had to learn how to use the computer first of all, and adapt to all that it means.  She had to go out of her comfort zone and do as every one does today.  Just an example; medication administration has changed drastically.  No longer do pills come up from the pharmacy in bottles.  They are individually packaged for a patient.  Nurses no longer have to order meds every day to ensure their supply.  Med carts are used and the pharmacy fills it reguarly and returns it to the floor.  Medication cards are not used.  Nurses use the kardex to administer the correct meds to patients and signed off as they are given.  All of this ensures more safety for the patient.

    Anyway this is just one example of how things have changed in the medical world.  Nurses have to adapt.  I remember how one of our home care nurses came into the office one day and was all excited because he had started his own business.  We all expressed enthusiasm for him and supported him, but not all of us really got the significance of this.  Today, I wish I had.  I wish I had done the same thing back then.  I would be much farther ahead and better off if I had.

    This is why I am emphatic about nurses realizing that there are other options (nontraditional, maybe) available for them.  They can look to the future and start working on an on-line business while still working in their traditional nursing job.  Why not look into this?  You will be that much farther ahead when you retire or burn out from the every day pressures of the hospital or other facility that is traditional for nurses.  It sure makes sense to me after having lived it.

    How can you start to do this?  Wealthy Affiliates is an answer to do this.  This is a wonderful program to help you learn how to start your own website for your on-line business.  There is a lot to turn, but it teaches you step by step how to do this.



    What Is Wealthy Affiliates?



    Wealthy Affiliate is a business that offers everything you need in one place to create, grow and manage your business online.  It is an all inclusive experience where you can get everything you need– from setting up and building your website and hosting to 1000’s of training modules and support.


    Support At Wealthy Affiliates


    Wealthy Affiliates is a community.  It is community that supports each other from the beginning.  If you have questions about the courses or how to work on your website there is always someone available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a week.  You can ask a question and someone will give you an answer or you can communicate privately with a member if you want to.  Even the co-owners may answer your question or they may just email you to see how you are doing or to give you some positive comments. You are never alone.  The support is there for you.  All you have to do is reach out for it and/or accept it.

    You actually get to know each other and develop friendships in the community.  Other members are concerned about you personally.  If you are ill or have a personal problem you can let others know here and so many others reach out to him.  People are genuine and when a person wishes you the best you can be assured that it is for real.  When you reach certain milestones in the system or make that first bit of money, others are happy for you and they genuinely care about you.  It is just such a wonderful feeling to have support like this.


    Details To Become A Member Of Wealthy Affiliates


    The Price to join is free.  Free?  Yes you can try it for free with access to all that you will need to make two of your own websites.  Then if you decide that you want to benefit from all the Wealthy Affiliates has to offer it is only $49 a month.


    If you are ready to start your on-line business click here to learn more about the process.


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