Last week I attended a webinar and the most important thing I got from it is that it is important to feel that someone is always there. It is important to know that you are not alone. There is someone to help you in your endeavors.

    I bet that there are a lot of us that feel that we are all alone in starting a new business. Most of our family and friends think our idea is crazy and will never work. How does that make you feel? Alone. You have no one to go to when you have a question or just need a little encouragement. In fact there is no point in asking anyone else because all they will do is tell you that the whole idea is crazy and you should just give it up and get a real job.

    Unconditional Positive Regard

    Now let’s reverse this. What if you had unconditional positive regard from those that care about you? You would feel like you can accomplish anything, right? You would be able to go to someone with questions and concerns you have along the way. You would have confidence in what you are doing. You would have the support that you need to move on with your plans and eventually get the business off the ground.

    Sometimes the supporters don’t even have to say anything. All you need is a phone call once in awhile asking how things are going. They may not have any answers to your questions, but knowing that someone is backing you is all that it takes.

    Wealthy Affiliates And Support

    Wealthy Affiliates does just this. There is always someone to back you and help you. Perhaps I should tell you what Wealthy Affiliates is and how it provides the support I am talking about.



    What Is Wealthy Affiliates

    Wealthy Affiliates is a business that offers everything you need in one place to create, grow and manage your business online.  It is an all inclusive experience where you can get everything you need from your website and hosting to 1000’s of training modules and support. Wealthy Affiliates is for you if  you want to earn money online, network with other entrepeneurs, get help and give help to others, and learn tons from 1000’s of experts at Wealthy Affiliate.  It is for all levels of marketers and entrepeneurs.  All levels of expertise, age, and people from all countries are welcome.

    Training At Wealthy Affiliates

    The training is comprehensive, organized and current.  There are weekly training classes that include question and answer periods, organized classrooms, interactive discussions, video training, tutorial training and task based courses.  There are over 1000 powerful training modules.  You, also, get access to all of the tools you need to run a successful business online.  The tools included in the member’s area are keywords and competition research tool, wordpress express, low competition cherry  picked keyword lists, state of art, uinlimited cloud hosting for premium members and access to over 2400 website template themes.  Once inside Wealthy Affiliate you don’t have to worry about tools or services needed to run your business.  Everything is included.

    How Does Wealthy Affiliates Provide Support

    Help Always Available At WA

    Now let me talk about the support system here at Wealthy Affiliates. There is always someone available around the clock, every day of the week to answer questions and help you with anything that you need help with while designing your website and getting your on-line business started. There is 24/7 community support.  Types of support include live 24/7/365 Chat, interaction discussions, live question and answer periods, private 1-1 support with co-owners and private access to community experts. You are never alone and never in the dark.

    Other people have been in the same place that you are in right now. They know what it is like to start an on-line business. They know the ups and downs. They have felt the discouragement you are currently experiencing. Just talk to these people and let them know how you feel and what you need. Even the co-owners, Kyle and Carson are available to help you. The members of Wealthy Affiliates are your unconditional support.

    Price To Join

    Try it out. You can join for 7 days for free, so you have nothing to lose. If you find that all of this is true you can then become a premium member for $49 a month and continue to benefit from all of this support and courses that help you in your quest for your own business.




    You have nothing to lose since the first 7 days is free.  You are entitled to most of same things that you will be entitled to once you become a Premium Member and most definitely enough to get you well on your way to a successful on-line business.  Click on  Wealthy Affiliates to start your free membership and to start your on-line business.



    If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear them. Please do so below.

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