What makes a good manager?  I am sure we all have responses to this from personal experience.  We have all had supervisors that we thought were good and others that we thought were terrible.  What do you see as important in a supervisor and if you go into management you need to already have or work hard to develop?  Listed below are things that I see as important and want in a manager.

    Openminded And Nonjudgemental

    Being openminded means that he will listen to what one says with out already having made up his mind what is being said.  He has already decided talking will get you no where.  If this is the case you could talk until you are blue in the face and it really won’t matter.  He has already formed an opinion, so no matter what you say won’t make a difference.

    Elsewhere I wrote about being empathetic.  To do this, you need to listen what is being said without already having an opinion.  I did an internship in a forensic unit where people had committed some horrible acts of violence.  Now, how can one be empathetic in this situation.  If you already have an opinion about this person, you might as well leave.  We all have opinions when we read in the paper or see on TV what someone has done to another person.  I do as well, but if I am going to be therapeutic when doing therapy with this I have to put these opinions aside and listen to what was going on with him at the time that he committed this crime.  

    Two of the people that I worked with there had attempted to kill their father.  If I was not listening openmindedly, I would have already comvicted him.  When I put aside my opinions and feeling about this and really listened to them, I realized that at the time they were very psychotic and responding to command hallucinations.  A command hallucination must be carried out or they will suffer consequences.  They have no choice.  It is the survival of the fittest and people take action to protect themselves.  You and I know that these voices are not real, but to him they are as real as if you had been talking to them.  They were psychotic at the time.  Now should they still be convicted.  I don’t know.  I was not the judge and/or jury.  My job was to counsel them.

    Sometimes supervisors act as judge and jury.  If you are going to be a good manager you can’t convict them until you have all of the facts both from them and from others that are involved in the situation.  You need to be openminded and nonjudgemental.   

    Patient And Tolerant

    Sometimes it takes great patience when working with people. ” Rome was not built in a day.”  Don’t form an opinion right away.  Get all of the facts first.  Sometimes people can be frustrating and bring out the worst in you and everyone else.  Just take your time, listen and don’t let this happen.  Don’t let them get your dander up.  

    Your need to be tolerant of what they are feeling, too.  Sometimes there is a lot more to what they are saying and complaining about.  There may be underlying reasons for the way that a person behaved.  I am not saying that it is ok to hurt someone or take it out on another person, but you do need to take the time to explore what this issue is all about.  Don’t jump to conclusions.

    Good Listener And Supportive

    Be a good listener.  This is key to a good manager.  Many times we all listen superficially or not at all.  We are not totally there.  Our mind is on other things and we really don’t care what the other person is saying.  Has someone ever asked you how you are or how things are going?  Have you ever had the feeling that this person is not sincere and really does not care how you are.  My feeling is that one should not even ask if he does not want to hear what you have to say.

    If you are a manager you do not really have this option.  The staff member came to you with an issue or a problem and it is your job is to put all of these things into motion.  You need to listen to him and find out what he is really saying.  Remember that some times people do not say what they really mean.  Again, be patient and listen and get the whole story.

    You then need to be supportive.  This does not mean that you agree with what the person did, but you still need to let the person know that you understand and do care and want to find a solution to the problem.  An example that I like to use is when a new baby comes into a family where the older child had been the only child until now and of course is jealous of the baby.  He may pinch the baby or do something else to hurt the baby.  A mother can not allow the baby to be hurt, but she also needs to show the older child that he is loved and cared about, too.

    Maybe a staff member has done something that did or could have hurt a patient.  Of course, this can not be tolerated and action must be taken.  In addition to this, you also need to get all of the facts and try to help the staff member as well.  Why did she do what she did.  Was she upset with the patient, or angry with a coworker or management or having family problems?  Again this can not tolerated, but maybe the staff can find a way to better handle whatever brought her to do this so that it never happens again.

    Managers Need To Take Care Of Herself

    A manager has a tough job.  It takes all of these things to make a good manager and puts a lot of stress on her.  She needs to learn how to take care of herself and manage the stress.  If a manager goes into this job just for the money or pestige that it gives, don’t take the job.  You don’t want to be known as the horrible supervisor or totally stress yourself out.  It is possible to learn to be a great supervisor.  It takes time, but you can be that person.  Remember all that has been mentioned above.

    Make sure that yo take care of yourself.  Be sure that you have someone that you can talk to and vent.  It might be someone at work or someone in your private life.  Make sure that you take time to have a life of your own.  You can not just work all of the time.  Sometimes you have to say no at work or at least not now.  Do things that you enjoy such as hobbies or the spa or the gym or spa.  There are many, many things, but be sure that you find something.  “All work and no play——“, not good.

    Perhaps starting your own online business might be something to think about.  In addition to providing other sources of pleasure, it might be beneficial in the future.  When you get ready to retire, you have something to fall back on.  I only wish I had done this while I was still working.  It would have given me another outlet and a source of support.  At least that would have been the case if I had connected with Wealthy Affiliates to help me start my business.

    Wealthy Affiliates is a company that teaches you step by step how to design your website for you online business and how to market it.  In addition to this, one of the most valuable things that they offer is support.  You ar never alone.  There is always someone available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  They provide every thing that you need to pursue your passions and start your own business.

    If you are a manager and especially if you are a new manager, think about all of these things and take advantage of what there is around you.  If you would like more information about an online business and ready to start one, click here.

    If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.


    People remember some managers and others they wish that they had never had anything to do with them.  It is possible to be that one that staff remembers and it will be rewarding for you in the end.  Be that good one.  Listen, be tolerant and patient, supportive, openminded and nonjudgemental and take care of yourself.

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