Management Builds Confidence

I recently heard this someplace. As I thought about it, I began to ask whether this is true or not. Does Management build confidence? I think that this is worth exploring. I am not sure that this is always true. I think it depends on who the manager is.

How Does One Become A Confident Person?

How is confidence built? Good question. We see people in the same situation and one may be very confident and feel like he can do anything and another person may doubt his ability to do anything. Why are there such differences?

One begins to gain confidence early in life. It begins in childhood and grows throughout one’s life. Significant people, such as parents and teachers and other important people in his life play an important part in this process. If a child is constantly put down and told he can’t do something, he is not going to have the confidence that another person that is told he can do it or that he did s great job will have. A child needs support and needs to know that he is a success and not a failure.

Carl Roger’s theory says that every living organism moves in a forward, positive direction. I believe that this is true, but if it is not fostered by those bringing up a child, this may change. Suddenly the person behaves in ways that say that this is not true. This is something that has to be fostered. If a child, as I said before, is told he “can’t” then he is not going to continue to move in a forward, positive way. His environment plays a huge part in this.

What Part Does Management Play In Confidence Building

I would like to believe the title of this article, but I know that it is not always true. Management in any job should continue where parents and teachers leave off. Management should be telling their employees what a great job they are doing and/or encouraging, telling them that they can do it.

Sometimes people have not developed this confidence by the time they finish high school and/or college. High school is often a time when students are trying to find themselves. There are a lot of changes in their life and some students may begin questioning who they are and what they want to be. Their self-esteem and confidence begins to dwindle. College, of course, is a whole new world. The students are moving away and the way things work in college are completely different from previous educational programs. They are still trying to find out who they are and they no longer have Mom and Dad right beside them telling them what and when to do. All of this can be very difficult for them and their confidence continues to waver.

Eventually, they begin to figure out who they are and their confidence begins to soar. Hopefully by the time they graduate they are secure in this and ready to move in to their lifetime career. Some are really confident and fit right in. Others still need to work on this.

This is where management comes in. Management can build confidence or they can destroy confidence. I have seen both happen. If management has faith in its employees and transmits this to them, then confidence can definitely be built in the employee. Employees need to know that they are doing a good job.

How Do Managers Do This?

Managers need to have faith in the people that they hire and be patient while the employee gets started. Most employees want to please their employers and themselves and do a good job. As mentioned above most employees go into a job wanting to do their best and succeed at what they are doing.

When an employee does well or better than that the manager needs to give positive reinforcement. If he is having difficulty with something, the manager needs to find out why and then do some teaching to help the employee get on the right track. He is probably feeling defeated and afraid if he messes up. Give him a chance and answer any questions that he may have.

Managers can be a huge factor in confidence building in a person. When the manager has the patience and understanding to help, he will get more from his employee than he might suspect. When a person feels good about himself and what he is doing he will give even more.

How Does This Translate To Owners Of A Business?

I am mainly focusing on healthcare, but it also translates to someone that owns a business. If you own a business you are the owner as well as the manager. You need to build your own confidence as well as employees that you might have. You must have had the confidence to start your own business; now it is time for you to continue to make it a success. There are times that you will not feel as confidence that you had, but you need to work on this and become that confident person you were when you started.

As a manager or boss you have to foster confidence in your staff. Let them know that you believe in them and that they can do it. There may be times when you believe in them more than they believe in themselves. That’s ok. We have all had times in our life when others have more faith in you than you have in yourself. Let them know that you are right there with them and together he will see what you see in him. After all, if you had not seen potential in him, you wouldn’t have hired him. Let him know this.

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So I guess the question is does management build confidence? The answer is hopefully yes. A good manager strives to see that this happens. I know we have all seen the opposite to be true, but hopefully it does happen more often than naught.

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