I personally love going to school.  I, so, wish I was still in college.  I love everything about college.  I love being on campus and the whole atmosphere, but I especially love going to class and learning.  Oh, I am sure I got overwhelmed with all of the work at times and complained about all of the homework, but that is part of the whole process.

    I realize that not everyone feels like this.  For some it is a struggle and they do it only because they have to.  I am not sure what makes the difference.   Learning is something that happens every day of our lives whether we know it or not.  Not everyone is cut out for formal education.  Not everyone has to go to college, but people still need to learn how to survive in this world.

    Teachers have to continue formal education to continue to teach in most schools.  In many states nurses have to have what are called continuing ed points to maintain their license.  Other medical professionals must do the same to continue in their field.  I am sure that there are many who have to keep up with things as things in our world change all of the time.  Even mechanics have to do so as automobiles are constantly changing.

    Many people read all of the time and learn a lot from just reading.  Even when you read a novel there are things that you can learn from the way they lived.  Of course newspapers and magazines keep you up to date on things around us and around the world.  Reading the directions on a box is a form of education as well.  So, you see there are all kinds of learning and not all of it is formal.

    I want to introduce to all of you and especially to the people in my profession another way of


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