My focus is in support for nurses, but when you think of it, it pertains to leadership in general. Some may think that support means that you are a softie. This is very far from being true.

    If you are kind and supportive does that mean that you have no control over others? I certainly hope not. People actually have more respect for you if you do have some feeling for others. You actually have more control when you support your staff. Fear is not the same thing as having control. People may do what you say if you come across as someone to fear, but is that what you really want. How long will it be before you lose employees? What happens when that leader needs extra help in completing something? He probably is not going to get it. If someone is kind to you it is more likely that he will get your help when he really needs it.

    I do not know why leaders can not see this. Some of your major companies have begun to and have given perks to their employees. I have heard that some companies have set up a small gym and a place where people can take a short nap during the day. More flexibility has been an important perk, too. I am not saying that all companies should do this, but I am trying to make the point that when people feel valued and trusted they will do more.

    I remember when I started my last job, I had a supervisor that went strickly by the book. One of the things was that you left at 4:30 PM and not a minute earlier. I remember presented a class at another facility with the person that was orienting me. We finished about an hour early. My orienter told me to just go home, but I said that I couldn’t because of the boss. She told me it would be ok. I was so afraid of her that I drove back to the office and stayed until 4:30. I did it because of the fear that she instilled in me.

    As time went on (she had been replaced and policies changed a little), we had more flexability. We could leave and finish our paperwork at home once our patients and other responibilities had been done. This was a trmendous change. We no longer had to sit in the office with nothing to do until the bewitching hour. They had begun to trust us and what a difference this made.
    When they needed someone to pick up a couple of extra patients it was no longer a chore. We did it willing instead of doing it out of fear or because we did not have a choice.

    Now, I realize that many of these things are out of our realm, but there are many other ways that we can be supportive and this is what I want to get across. If the leader shows some understanding and support, the employee will respond accordingly.

    This brings me to the support that is given by Wealthy Affiliates to each other. There is always someone available 24 hours a day to help. Maybe one of the members is feeling frustrated or discouraged. There is someone else there to give the support needed at the time. All it takes to help the person move on is a little support and encouragement. This is probably one of the most positive aspects of Wealthy Affiliates.

    They offer a lot of other things to help you get a business going, such as training and education. Help is always available to get you started and go become successful. There are many other things included for a small fee every month.

    If you would like to find out more about Wealthy Affiliates, click here. Remember the importance of support, especially if you are in a leadership role.

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