Emphasis On Scams

    It is so difficult in this day and age.  Can anyone be trusted?  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go on a site and expect it to be honest and truthful?

    How many times have you clicked on an ad that you thought was honest and something that you could buy into?  Then, you find out that it isn’t what it says it is.  The low price was for 3 days or just a registration fee and then you find out that it costs thousands of dollars to actually get what they tell you that you will get.  Then there are other expenses after that, etc, etc, etc.

    Scams Are So Destructive On The Internet

    Even, when you apply for a job on line it is not what you expect.  They may thank you for your application and tell you that they are considering others as well and you will hear from them.  That is the last time you hear from them.  The other scenario is that you don’t even get an acknowledgement at all.  A phone caller asks you when you graduated from high school after they have said that they are from such and such an agency.  You get your hopes up.  Then nothing.  As soon as you tell them the year they hang up.

    Do you know what this does to a person when they are desperately trying to find a job?  First of all this is age discrimination and they think they have gotten around it by asking for your graduation year and I guess they have.  All of the above actions have a very profound effect on the person looking for work.  If you weren’t depressed and feeling worthless before, you certainly will after being treated like this from what are supposed to be legitimate companies.

    How do you trust anyone or any company after this?  Oh, actually, there is one other thing that may happen that does not make it any better, but perhaps at first it seems to be more positive.  The company, quote, hires you or tells you that you are an independent contractor, but once you get started you realize that it is almost impossible to make any money at it.  Again you are defeated and probably out some money, as usually you have to pay a membership fee to do the job.  Even if that is not the case it is almost impossible to get customers or you make so little at it that you might as well watch TV or something.


    Wealthy Affiliates Stands Alone


    So again how do you trust anyone or any company after this?  What do you do?  Are there companies that keep their promises?  I was fortunate enough to find this one.  It is not a get rich quick site.  You have to put in the time and follow the steps if you are to make it work but if you do so you will succeed.

    The name of this company is Wealthy Affiliates.  It was founded by Kyle and Carson, who are still the owners and are very actively involved.  They answer questions on a regular basis and present webinars and classes.  They designed the program that teaches you how to set up your online business.  They are both actively involved and will answer any questions you have along the way.

    There are step by step classes online to help you set up your business.  There are many recorded webinars to help you as well as personal assistance from other members and Kyle and Carson.  Someone is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the internet.

    It is advertised as being free for the first seven days and that is true.  You are given access to parts of the program for free for 7 days, which allows you to get started and set up an online business.  After this there is a charge of $49 a month to be a premium member.  This gives you access to everything that you need to continue to set up your website/on-line business.  This includes hosting which very few other companies include.

    This is one company that gives you what they promise to give you.  They do not scam you.  It is certainly worth trying it for the 7 days that are free.  It is not a get rich scheme.  It takes a while to get it up and running and to make money, but it is all that they say it is.  Take a chance on this one.  What do you have to lose.  Nothing.  It is free for 7 days.


    Click on Wealthy Affiliates to get more information about this company and all that they offer. Try it and get started in developing the on-line company that is going to help you work from home and have the business you have dreamed about. You will see all of the benefits there and REMEMBER, the first 7 days are FREE.


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