If you are trying to find high quality  keywords, just perform a search below to begin your research.

    Keywords? What are Keyword?This is how I felt when
    I first started. I had no idea what a keyword was.
    Now I do and I, also, know how important it is to
    find keywords for your website. Understanding how to
    research keywords is very important.

    What Two Things Do You Look For When You Are Researching Keywords?

    The First is COMPETITION


    What is competition? Competition is the same thing as it is in sports or in any other field. One competes or works to acheive the attention to win and be the best in whatever field he is working in. In an on-line business, the person needs to get the attention to be seen on line to sell whatever he is selling?

    How is this done? You need to find out what the competition is by going to a keyword search site to find out what it is. I use Jaaxy for my keyword research. It is easy to use and the most efficient.

    I look for the QRS which is known as the Quote Search Results. This tells me exactly how much competition there is on Google for my particular keyword. I want to keep it below 300. This tells me that there are 300 competing pages in Google for this keyword. I would like it to be closer to zero, but I will accept 300 or below

    The Second is TRAFFIC


    What is traffic? I am sure that everyone knows what traffic is. It is the actual attention that the keyword is getting. Of course the higher the better. You want the traffic to be 50 a month or above. You don’t want to get high traffic and high competiton as this will not help to get your site ranked.


    Competition Level Under 300
    Traffic Level Over 50 Searches Per Month


    It is now time for you to try it. It makes more sense once you get into it. Wealthy Affiliates is the place to go to learn all about Key Words and Jaxxy is the site to go to when you are trying to find keywords.


    If you are all set to get started learning more about keywords click here at Wealthy Affiliates.




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