Is there a difference between  control and being in control?  Has anyone ever said that you are a control freak or you have to always be in control?  Have you ever said that about someone else?  Is this a positive statement about someone or a negative one?  I guess it depends, but most of the time I think it is negative and not a very nice thing to say about someone.

    I Am Right–I Know Everything

    To me, this means that he always controls things.  He is always right and no one else has the answers.  He knows what is what and that is it.  A family member said that about me to another family member when all I was trying to do was to prevent an older man from falling.  It was very hurtful as I was not trying to control where he went.  He is unsteady on his feet and I was afraid he would fall if he walked where he was going  in order to do some fishing.

    Sometimes in the work place others may see you as always the person in control.  You are the one that always knows everything and controls everything.  No one likes to work with a person like this.  It makes one feel put down.  No matter what one suggests it is wrong.  People eventually just give up and say let him do the work, since he knows it all.

    Medical Emergency

    However being in control, on the other hand, can be a positive thing.  One needs to sometimes take charge, especially, in a crisis situation and get things running in a positive direction again.  This is a positive concept of control as long as it is temporary and does not last forever with the person thinking that he is greater than any one else.  It is ok to think that you are great, and you are, but you need to accept that you needed to act to get things under control, but now others can contribute as well.

    It is, also, important for people to feel that they are in control of themselves.  It is a horrible feeling to feel like you are out of control or that you have no control.  No one wants to feel either of these things.  People do all kinds of dangerous and out of control things if they feel they are out of control.  This can result in harm to oneself or to others.  They have to do anything they can to regain that control.  In addition to this, when one feels like someone has taken control away from him, he  not only feels bad about himself, but he can, also, feel very angry toward the person that is preventing him from doing something.  We have all witnessed via personal experiences or through the news media what happens then.

    Controlled By—

    Nurses all know what it is like to be in both of the above situations in the work place.  I am sure that all nurses have worked with other nurses that know it all.  They have all of the answers and do everything better than anyone else.  No one likes to work with this person.  Who wants to feel put down all day long?  No one.  It is not fun to work beside a control freak.

    There are people, though, that function very well in crisis situations and that take control when it is needed.  However, it is not an ego trip for him and he can relinquish control when the crisis is over and recognize the contributions of all of the others in the situation.  In thinking of this, maybe that is one of the primary differences in connection with control and being in control.  He knows when he needs to jump in and take control, but then knows how to let go and recognize others that have helped.  No one is an island.  If it wasn’t for others in a crisis to take his lead and do what needs to be done, the person taking control would find it much more difficult.  This is a LEADER

    Good leaders know when to take the control and when to relinquish it.  What happens when one feels controlled all of the time.  He loses his self esteem and feels like he can do nothing.  People can only take this for so long.  I know that everyone in nursing knows about burnout.  It definitely effects the way he functions as he sees himself incapable anything.  Sooner or later he gives up and looks for a way out.  What does he do then?

    It would be great if he recognized what is happening and tries to work it out with the person or people involved.  Many times it is not possible to do anything at the facility or with the other person involved and the person sees only one way out.  This is when he either leaves the facility or he quits nursing all together.

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