Most everyone is aware that there is a serious shortage in Nursing and other health care disciplines. Why and can it be changed? I am sure that there are many reasons for it, and I certainly hope it can be turned around. One thing that might make a difference is how staff is treated. Leadership in a healthcare needs to change for this reason. Support for the staff is needed.

    Many nights when my family member that works in healthcare comes home she is very upset about her day. Usually it is because they were short staffed and those that are there are over worked. I might ask if they are hiring and she will say yes, but no one applies. I will ask why not? Are the schools putting out people in her field? This is true for all disciplines. The other thing that she says is that people keep quitting.

    I think the answer is pretty clear when you listen to what they put up with. For example, the other day she called her supervisor for assistance as she had several crises at one time. The supervisor said I have no one to send you and believe it or not she never did send anyone, nor did she go to the site herself. I do believe that what she had was true, but the supervisor needed to do something and at least go herself, or call administration and tell them how desperate they are, or try to call some one else in. Well, regardless of this, it is no wonder that staff leaves, leaving them even shorter.

    Another issue is scheduling and the way staff is treated around this. The answer I get for this is that they have to cover all of the shifts. Ok, but there has to be an answer to deal with this. I know it is not easy, but if you keep pushing your staff, you are going to lose even more and then the shortage is even worse.

    I am being told that the supervisors are so busy putting out fires that they can’t do their job, which is supposed to be supervising. What does this tell you? Do you think that maybe there is a larger problem? Maybe they need to look at things and use some of their time to figure out what is happening and why and take action before they have to close units at the hospital. Changes are, also, needed by upper management so that the supervisors can do their job.

    These are only a few of the issues. There are many issues regarding how staff is treated. Again, supervision that recognizes their staff and what they contribute is vital. Staff can only take this so long. Many of the younger staff are not tied to this one place and can relocate in a minute, especially if they do not have a family. There goes another staff member. Somehow facilities have not figured this out.

    This can change if it is figured out. Staff needs to be taken care of. It’s time to revamp things in these facilities and keep the staff that they have. It needs to start with the education programs and the management staff. Take care of your staff.

    Wealthy Affiliates has figured this out and provides support for its members.
    It starts with at the top with the owners, Kyle and Carson. They are available to the members and will answer questions and give the support needed. This is true of all of the members who will do the same. Everyone is positive and supportive. This keeps it going.

    Oh, yes, you probably wonder what Wealthy Affiliates. It is a company that I started working with three years after I retired to learn how to start an on-line business and how to market it. This company does all of this step by step. It begins by teaching how to set up a website for your business and then how to market it. I am telling you about it in a very simplistic way, but believe me that they do a great in depth job of all of this. In addition to this, they provide all of the support that you will need to do this. You can ask questions around the clock and be assured that someone is available to answer any of your questions.

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