We all have nurses that we like and want to emulate and those that we don’t like working with and have no desire to be like.  I am sure that we all would prefer to be the type of nurse that we want to work with.

    Traits Of Nurses You Enjoy Working With

    What is it about these nurses?  First of all, they probably do their part of work on the unit.  Other nurses do not have to pick up after them.  Nurses do not have to cover for them and complete or go behind them and do what they did not do.  You know that the work is done and done well.  The nurse works to her full potential.  If she is on, you know all is well.

    She is usually pleasant and even fun to work with.  She does not complain about her assignment or about the place where she works.  She has a positive attitude.  She is fair and offers to help others without resenting it.  She takes on extra work if it is needed.  She does not feel like it is an imposition to do so.  

    She is on time to relieve the previous shift so that they can leave and when she takes a break or lunch, she does not abuse it and returns within the time frame of each so that others can get their breaks on time.  If she has to stay late for whatever reason, she does it willingly and without an attitude.

    She is knowledgeable and informative to patients and their family.  She is patient with them and gives them the support that they need.  She, also, works well with other team members, such as, respiratory therapists, dietary, and others that are involved in patient care.  She is able to relate to the doctors and medical staff.

    This is not to say that she doesn’t get angry at times or have bad days, but she knows how to manage them or deal with them effectively.  Again, basically, she is fun to work with and someone that others enjoy working with.  She is not super-nurse, but she is someone that makes the day easier for all concerned.

    What Sets These Nurses Apart From Other Nurses

    There are nurses that complain from the time that they arrive on duty until the time that they leave.  They complain about everything.  Many times the person is not on time for work.  She misses some of the report so someone has to fill her in, which is a waste of someone’s time and it may make the previous shift late leaving.  

    A lot of nurses do their assignment but that is it.  They do just what is expected of them, but that is it.  They don’t go above and beyond this.  They don’t offer to do anything more or offer to help others.  When their assignment is done, they go sit in the nurses station or the lounge.  They always make sure that they take their breaks and sometimes don’t go back to the unit when they are supposed to unless they have to punch in and out.  Instead of spending time talking with patients they talk about their personal life with other workers.  If asked to work overtime, they have a reason all of the time not to.  

    How To Be More Like The Nurse You Want To Be 

    The first thing is to remember why you went into nursing.  Why did you become a nurse?  Hopefully it was because you wanted to care for patients.  This should remind you of what is important to you.  Is it other people?  Other people includes the staff that you work with.  If this is the case I think that you will start exhibiting the traits of the nurses that you like to work with.

    Patients should be your first concern, but those that you work with are important, too.  In nursing everyone needs to work together in order to provide excellent care to the patients.  This is easier to do when everyone is pleasant and helpful to each other.  

    Once you have put yourself in another person place, it is easier to see what he is really like and accept these traits and emulate them.  Empathy is a term that is learned in psych and a very important concept.  When you work with patients, especially psych patients, it is much easier to understand them and relate to them if you do this.  It is also important to do this  if you want to be more like the nurses that you like to work with.  If you put yourself in their place, you will understand where they are coming from and what motivates them.  You, then can accept their traits and incorporate them into the nurse that you want to be.  

    Look At Yourself To Figure Out What Traits You Amire

    It may not even have anything to do with wanting to be like the nurse that you like working with.  It might be that she needs to look at herself and figure out what it is that she wants from her career and figure out who she wants to be as a nurse.  She may just be unhappy with herself and if she evaluates the situation she may figure out what traits she would like to emulate from the nurses that are seemingly happy with themselves and with their chosen career.  Maybe she does not want to work in nursing at all or maybe she wants to go into one of the  specialties.  This is what happened to me.  I never liked bedside nursing.  I found out after starting some college courses, that I really liked psychology and devoted my life to that field.  Once I discovered this, I was happy with what I was doing and I think I developed the traits that I admired about some nurses.

    Make The Changes You Need To Be Who You Want To Be.

    In addition to making changes within the nursing profession and bedside nursing, one may decide that nursing is not the choice for them.  The next thing one has to do is then decide on what he does want to pursue and find how what he needs to do to get there.  It may mean more education at college or it may mean technical training or apprenticeship.  

    Another choice might be to start your own business on-line.  Most of us need some education as to how to do this.  Others may be more used to computers and business and can do it without help.  If you do need to learn to do this, there is a company that is great.  It took me a while to find it, but once I did I found that it was extremely helpful.  The name of the company is Wealthy Affiliate.

    Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to make a website once you have decided on a niche that you are passionate.  It teaches you step by step and you can do it at your own pace.  Once you have done this, it goes on to teach you how to market it.  It provides support for you and if you have questions or don’t understand something, you can ask and get an answer 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  

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    We all have people in our profession that we admire and enjoy working with and might want to be like.  However, we need to look within, too and recognize our good points and what other things you would like to change.  We all have something to offer.

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