Nurses want to climb the corporate ladder, but do they become entrepreneurs? Probably not for the most part. They would like to climb the ladder within the system in which they are involved. For example, she would like to become supervisor and maybe even above this, but usually she is quite comfortable remaining within the place where she works.

    She may even leave where she currently works and take a job elswhere, but it is still within the same safe system. She might even branch out a little and try something a little different such as home health care or teaching in nursing or in school nursing, but it still is one that is advertised and within an already existing system with a heirarchy.

    Apparently the trend or desire is not to be just a staff nurse doing hands on care any more. She wants to start at a level higher than this. My question is “who is going to take care of the patient” if this is true. Well, anyway, this is a different issue. Getting back to the topic at hand, nurses are tending to go on to graduate school to get at least a Maters degree so that she has the possibility of doing this. She really does want to improve herself so that she can reach these levels.

    It seems, though, that nurses don’t want to take a chance and go out on their own. They don’t want to take a chance and develop some idea that they come up with. Don’t get me wrong. There are some that do, but for the most part they want to work in the safety of an already established system.

    It is scary. What if it doesn’t work? What if I fail? You learn from your mistakes and failures. It is hard to fail, but we all do and if we don’t give up we learn from it and correct the mistakes we made and try again.

    Restart With Your Idea

    Right? What is the worst that happens? We are embarassed? We are discouraged? We are afraid? Probably all of these things, but we don’t die. It will be ok if you don’t give up.

    Taking the chance and trying new things is where new systems and new programs come from. Sometimes it takes a while to succeed, but you have to at least try and keep working at it if this is something you want. It is not easy to be totally on your own, but again that is where new things come from. Even outside of nursing, people come up with new inventions all of the time. Some work and some don’t, but if someone had not at least tried, there are a lot of things that we would not have today. How about the whole internet system and computers. I could go on forever.

    Why are nurses so afraid to go out on their own and develop their current ideas? There are so many reasons, but let’s explore a few. One of the biggest reasons probably is that they have been put down for so long that they think they can not do anything except what they have been taught to do and are told to do. Some nurses are as well educated in a specific area as the doctor is, but for centuries nurses have been taught to be subsurvient to the doctor. It is very hard to break out of this and recognize that they are as qualified and able as the doctor. Not that they should not respect the doctor and follow his written orders, but she has the right and knowledge to ask him questions and do what she has to do if she thinks he is wrong and harm could come to the patient.

    I remember was I was just starting out, standing and giving the doctor my seat even if I was busy charting or doing something patient related. We were taught that you do this. He is more important than the nurse. I remember feeling very inferior. I never felt important when I would tell someone that I was a nurse. I remember telling one of my professors in psychology how much more important his job was than mine. He was surprised that I felt that way, but it had been drilled into me that I wasn’t as important.

    Another reason is one that we all have. Failure of failing is something that we all have to deal with. As I said before, so what? If you fail you pick your self up and try over again. Failure is a part of learning.

    There is, also, safety in working for someone else. It’s highly unlikely that the established place is going to fall apart and that you will lose financial stability. However, if you are trying to develop your own business based on an idea that you have, the posibility is there. That is a difficult one to overcome.

    It might be a good idea to continue working where you are if you can while you do start to develop your own ideas into a business. This is something that is totally do-able.

    Getting Started

    Fortunately there are options where you can do this. One of the best ways that I came across is to join a company called Wealthy Affiliates.

    Wealthy Affiliates is a company that provides everything you need to do just this. The training is phenomenol and can be learned by even the person that knows nothing about the computer. Take it from me as that person was me. People were very patient with me and would answer questions I had when I had no clue what to do. Someone was there to guide me and help me until I got it. I had tried other companies that were not as patient and the training was no where near the quality as WA.

    In addition to this, just about everything you need is included in the monthly fee. The only thing you pay for is you domain, which is nominal. Of course there options, to buy things along the way, but it is not necessary for you to succeed. Even the hosting fee is included for up to 25 sites. However, start with one site if you are not experienced.

    Another thing is that you don’t have to do a healthcare related business. You can make it anything that you want it to be. Whatever your passion is, is what you just use. You will put more into it if you are really passionate about it.

    A huge bonus is that it is free or 7 days so that you can try it and set up your business for nothing. If you find it helpful, you can then become a premium member for just $49 a month. I should say that if you find it as valuable as I do, and most people that are seriously working on a business of their own do, it is well worth the small monthly fee. Even more is included when you become a premium member.

    The owners, Kyle and Carson, continually work on updates and changes to make it easier and better for us. They are both very active in the company and they communicate with you from time to time. Sometimes when you ask a question one of them will answer the question. As I said both of them are actively involved. There is a mechanism to private message them, even, and they will get back to you. These messages are between just the two of you. You can do this with any member, as well.

    There is a 24 hour support system 365 days a year. There is a chat system that you can use to ask questions if you have one. You can do this as often and as much as you need to. Even if you are frustrated or discouraged you can let us know and someone will get back to you. We have all been there, so don’t hesitate to express it.

    There is so much offered here, I am sure I have forgotten something. It is probably best for you to check this out yourself and see what else is available to you.

    So don’t be afraid, Nurses, if you are interested in being an entrepreneur and go into your own business. It is worth it to do this and their is so much that you can do in nursing to help other nurses make it a better career option and ultimately make it better for patients, as well.

    If you are ready to start your own on-line business, click here for all of the information regarding Wealthy Affiliates.

    If you have any questions or comments please let me know and I will respond.

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