A Way To Deal With Burnout

I just read an article about the increase in suicide rates increasing due to the stresses that nurses face everyday in their career. I am not sure about this, but the issue that I see is how nurses become burnt out. I want to stress that I am not debating the above statement about suicide at all. However, probably every nurse or health care worker will agree that the stresses we face everyday are high. This has to have an effect on us and how we get through it is what makes the difference.

Some of the stresses are the things that we see every day. Some of the wounds we see from an accident are so horrific that it is beyond comprehension. Most people never see in a life time what we have seen by the time we are 21. Nurses have to tell family members that their loved one died and if it is a child, that stress is multipled by a lot. We have to sit with a dying person which sometimes is a horrible death. All of this takes it’s toll.

It does not end here. Nurses sometimes have to work rotating shifts and sometimes 12 hour shifts or double shifts. Nurses have to work holidays and weekends and struggle to get a day off, if it is your weekend to work. In addition to this, many days there is a shortage of staff, which makes your day even more stressful. Sometimes it just is not possible to get everything done due to this shortage. For the person that has a problem not doing everything to perfection, more stress is imposed. This may cause the nurse to feel bad about herself. She begins to get down on herself. She might think that there has to be a way to get it all done, which of course is not realistic. This adds more stress to her already stressful day.

In addition to all of this there is a lot of politics in a hospital that adds stress. Administration may cause the nurse to feel bad about herself and may cause her to be concerned about job security. Sometimes there are issues between other staff which happens in all jobs, but when you add all of this together it becomes too much.

Eventually burnout may set in.

Burnout Occurs
The person just can no longer put up with all of the stresses. Usually it is a combination of things that pushes the person over the edge. One can usually put up with the stresses from patients, but the politics in hospitals is what finally causes one to reach the point when he feels like he can no longer take it. Usually rewards come from the patients. I forgot to mention above, that the leadership in a facility can make it or break it for the nurse. If you have a supportive, caring supervisor that you can go to allows you to hold on a little longer. Many times, however, that is not the case, and that does it.
Take Care Of Yourself

One thing that the nurse must regularly do is take care of herself. She needs to do positive things for herself. It is important to have things or hobbies that she enjoys and does to relax. It is also important to seek support from friends and family. She sometimes just needs someone to listen when she gets off duty. She just needs to talk about what happened at work. Sometimes this is not possible so she needs to find other outlets. Time off and/or vacations are important. Going to the spa is relaxing to some. Find a way to get away from the stresses of work. Try not to take it home with you.

Hopefully the nurse recognizes how bad it is for her and can begin to do something to make it tolerable before she just decides to quit. This, truely, does make a huge difference in what she does. If she is lucky, she may be able to cut back on her hours or change positions within the hospital where it becomes more bearable. If not, there still may be ways to survive there.

One way that I would like to propose is that she finds another option outside of the hospital that either uses other interests or passions that she has which will make it tolerable and possible to continue to work there, or she comes up with something that she can make money at while she is still there and that will allow her to eventually leave and still make a full time income.

When I was at my last jobs one of the nurses did just this. He started an on-line business while still employed by the agency, which allowed him to gradually cut back on his overtime and eventually resign. I guess I was skeptical at the time, but now wish I had listened to him and had done the same thing. Instead I hung on until I absolutely couldn’t any longer and then retired.

As I have said before, I hate retirement and looked for other options. Finally, I came upon Wealthy Affiliates where I have learned and am still learning how to start an on-line business myself. I chose to continue to stay in the field of nursing and now have two sites related to nursing, hoping to help nurses that find themselves burnt out. (Right now I am primarily focusing on this one which is encouraging nurses who are burned out to start their own on-online business using their interests and passions to do so.

It does not need to be related to health care at all. It can be anything that you enjoy. The more passionate you are about it, the easier it is to do so. It can be done from home and you are your own boss. It is yours. Yes, it is a lot of work, but if you really want to do it, you can. Wealthy Affiliates is a wonderful place to learn how to do this, from beginning to end.

If you are burnt out and ready to start your own on-line business, click here

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